Sample Education Paper on Super Internet Cyber

Super Internet Cyber

Business Description

A1. New Products and Services

Business Name: Supper Internet Cyber

The super Internet Cyber will focus on providing a fast internet speed to its clients and will gear in offering advanced communication channels, a proper working environment, and improved entertainments conditions. Additionally, the cyber offers beverages, snacks and light foods that customers consume as they spend their evening time browsing the internet and utilizing other services provided on the premise. The Super Internet Cyber primarily targets to get recognition as the best place for enjoyment, communication, and relaxing in the suburb of the coastal town.

Target Audience

The targeted audiences are the university students and persons from different generations that are computer literate and heavily rely on quick Internet service connections. Additionally, the company targets tourists for its improved accommodation services, music varieties and the attractive serene environment categorically situated in the coastal suburb.

Feasibility and profitability

The introduction of the new products that are recommended for the Super Internet Cyber is after a thorough market research that involved interviewing of targeted audience and taking into consideration the urgent need of the market (Schiraldi & Silva, 2012). Notably, the introduction of the new products was identified through the determination of the break-even point. In regard, the amount of products that needed to be sold to recover the fixed cost and to generate enough profit was considered. Moreover, a market analysis was conducted before the introduction of the new products thus identifying the marketability of the new products with improved quality. The market analysis conducted provided information on the price competition and the approximate number of customers interested in the new products.

The new product was identified by determining the pricing gaps in the market thus making the new business be at a competitive advantage (Schiraldi & Silva, 2012). The competitive advantage the Super Internet Cyber has over the other companies is the provision of lower-priced products with improved quality. Besides, the business premise is environmental friendly that encompasses the delivery of delicacies to the customers.

A1b. Competitive advantage

The introduction of a faster internet, beverages, and event organization services, led to the Super Internet Cyber having a competitive edge in attracting more customers to the business. Additionally, the enterprise provides high-quality products at lower prices besides providing monthly discounts to customers on a variety of products. Super Internet Cyber is the only business offering entertainments and events organization for its customers. Moreover, the business provides ticketing, and transportation services for the booked customers thus creating efficiency, time consciousness and value of the products offered at the premise. The introduction of the unique products sold at lower prices into the business, therefore, puts the enterprise at a competitive advantage to other business offering the same commodities.

Business Vision

The Super Internet Cyber emphasizes on a clean and conducive environment that offers utmost comfort to the customers. Moreover, the interior of the Enterprise is designed to provide different types of music that includes the American rock ‘n’ roll, pop culture and the 1970 RnB style music. Additionally, the outside atmosphere will be a serene area thus giving the Cyber a competitive advantage over other businesses offering similar services. The critical aspect of this business will be the provision of high-speed internet at an affordable rate. Besides, the Super Internet Cyber will offer delicacies from trusted sources from its various branches worldwide. Hiring of band musicians to entertain will aim at attracting more customers to the business premise to enhance profitability and ultimate business expansion and offering of incentives to employees.

Super Internet Cyber Mission

The mission of this internet business is to be the best internet access and entertainment point to various customers irrespective of the generations. The Supper Internet Cyber also aims at improving the social and active atmosphere that persons of different social and cultural class converge for picnics and spend their leisure time. Additionally, the premise aims at providing a platform where people share ideas, hobbies and development strategies essential for communal growth.

Business Strategy

The company currently offers internet services that are not appropriately competitive against other businesses in the market offering the same services. Therefore, light foods and snacks that are made available to customer that uses the services provided in the cyber upon their request aims at attracting more to the company and retaining the existing ones. Notably, editing, a sale of stationery, distribution of compact disks and sale of other computer accessories and applications are the current products offered on the business premise.

An introduction of picnic sites, entertainments, and upgrading of the existing network systems are the new products that the enterprise aims at providing to gain a competitive market advantage over other related companies. The business also plans to increase its substantial investment in the provision of conference centers and halls are to be introduced to enable the customers make both national and international calls. Currently, the business offers the current class of crank and country music that does not conform to the requirement of different generations. In improving the success of the business, reorganization of the enterprise structures, environment aspects and furnishing both the interior and exterior premises with high-class pieces of art to increase customers’ attractions is crucial.

Writing and distribution of music and video packages are to be introduced in the business to diversify products and services that bring more capital and profits into the business. Notably, a user interface on the technologies used is to be made friendlier and easier to use by clients thus attracting more customers to the company. The business is to employ friendly personnel that knows the needs and wants of customers thus encouraging more requests of slots of different services from clients (Ward, 2013).

A2. Mass Media and Social Media Channels

Promotion strategy for the intended audience

The business uses both the traditional and modern mass media in reaching the intended customers base. The use of traditional media targets older generation due to the in-depth analysis of issues presented on this platform. However, Facebook and Twitter platforms are utilized in reaching the younger generations due to their urge and motivations in the use of advanced technologies (Schiraldi & Silva, 2012). Furthermore, traditional media encompasses that use of television, radio and national magazines that reach the targeted population on a large scale.

Consequently, the management for supper Internet Cyber prints billboards erected in strategic places that are readily observable by the targeted audience. The management uses flyers and yellow pages for advertisement and informing the targeted population of the official launching date of the cyber center. The television media is to be used for showing to the audience the rooms, conferences sections and the environmental structure with the intention of luring them to the establishment. Radio station with a stable frequency and a broad customer base contracted to air the audio advertisements to different targeted generations over a span of two months.

The social media platform is to be used primarily in reaching the youths and other corporate entities (Schiraldi & Silva, 2012). The social media promotion is to feature several ads of the business in a significant number of websites that have higher traffics. Simultaneously, Super Internet Cyber is to invest in a customized website that feature the activities, events, and promotions that are conducted by the business. Moreover, Facebook and Twitter will advertise the day-to-day operations and events to all the targeted customers of all the social classes.

Provision of discounts to the customers is to be initiated to raise the client figures that visit the industry daily (Schiraldi, & Silva, 2012). Significantly, discount incentives are to be provided in the first two months of the summer holiday for all the patronizing customers. Organization of contests that involve both the youths and the adults are to be developed and is conducted in the business’ premise thus increasing sales, improve participants’ skills.

A3. Pricing Structure

Super Internet Cyber will determine a pricing structure for Internet service that will be on an hourly basis. Notably, the internet services encompassing browsing and callings will be charged at a billing rate of $80/hour. However, the event organizations and kit provision are to be priced at $500 per day. The prices for the delicacies will depend on the type of food and product chosen by the customer. Additionally, all the deliverables will have different pricing rates that are cost-effective to majority of the customers and have a significant advantage in service delivery compared to other companies providing the same services.


A4. Customer Relationship and Management

The Super Internet Cyber has a compelling feature that allows for the inclusion of customer’s feedback (Trost, 2013). Additionally, it has a communication platform that allows a direct communication with the client that is intended for solving customer problems. Besides, the business has systems that create interrelation between the company and the customer that enabling the tracking of customer feedbacks and the business sales. In essence, the company integrates the business operations, identifies promotional models thus promoting business delivery to the clients and profits to the business. The business takes advantage in the use of various customer relationship models like Quality Customer Index (QCI) model in acquiring and retaining the customers. Moreover, the business applies Buttle’s CRM value Model to promote customer loyalty and penetrating into the market beyond the reach of other competing businesses. The two models are critical in promoting sales through the use of technology in advertising and analyzing customers’ feedbacks and improving products quality in Super Internet Cyber.

A5. Inherent Risks

The uncertainties involved in introducing the new products in the uncertainties during the low seasons that entirely depend on the students and tourists visits to the premises (Trost, 2013). Additionally, the risks are determined by seasons and the University calendar thus affecting the number of customers available and profits available for the company. The business is at risk of terrorist and arson attacks given the coastal location and the rampant threats from global terrorists of the intention to attack the nation. Moreover, the business is at risk of cyber-threat, a factor that can result in massive destruction of the computer system leading to huge profit losses.

The estimated income is affected by the operational season. Notably, the proximity of the business location to an established campus and tourist site, the customers’ attendance population will vary. The variations are affected by the University’s academic calendar and the seasons in which tourists visits the country and the coastal suburb. Consequently, the forecasted income will change depending on the seasons and years during operations of the Super Internet Cyber.


A6. Risks of Not Launching

The failure to launch the new product reduces the profit and customer base of the company thus resulting in the company’s failure to actively compete in the market. Moreover, launching failure results to reduced marketing strategy of product promotion and inability to attain the business’s objectives. The incapacity of company to expand its operations and formation of a proper customer and a market base is unattainable with a failure of launching the new products into the market.

Future Prospects

The Super Internet Cyber starts from a single premise and will progressively expand to other towns of the nation forming a network of cyber and entertainment joints. Additionally, the business will work on a strategic plan for expanding beyond the country’s borders to give personnel an opportunity of exploring the world in customer services provisions. In regards, the business aims to widen its scope beyond hospitality issues by investing in cultural improvements and exhibitions that promote personal and communal developments.

The inclusion of cultural events is essential in business by advertising thus increasing the publicity and customer number of Supper Internet. Super Internet Cyber business, therefore, intends to promote community development through the provision of high-tech technologies in the computer system. Additionally, the company promotes proper societal behavior and development through the organization of different cultural events.


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