Sample Engineering Research Paper on Design Chapters

Design Chapters

Design is the act of creating of a plan or an arrangement that yields to a system or an object (Cross, 2008). Engineering designs have existed for a while and they have managed to develop various objects that aid human beings in their daily activities. Therefore, this paper provides a summary of three chapters authored about design.

The first chapter entitled Why Study the Design Process, deals with the challenges posed by design and various ways of solving them. The author asserts that the success or malfunction of a product depends on its design, business and production. The initial process of developing a product involves coming up with an effective design (Cross, 2008). According to this chapter, a valuable design is determined by the product cost, quality, and the efficacy in reaching the market. On the other hand, the second chapter, Engineering Design, explains that coming up with a design involves teamwork. It comprises a team of designers who rely much on problems raised by clients. Different technologies requirements task the designers with ideas or the problems they need to address. The chapter acknowledges that engineering design involves intelligent process without disputing the creativity process enhanced by techniques and tools. A process involves a lot of thinking in order to transform the customer’s desire it an objective function. Thirdly, the chapter, Journeys in Product Development, delineates an array of design categories for various categories. The first one includes an original design that involves solving fresh problems in a given task. The second one includes the adaptive design that involves adapting an already existing system and restructuring it to suit an upcoming problem. Then there is variant design where the designer restructures the parameters of an initial system to develop a new-fangled and stout product. Therefore, engineering design is a process that involves creativity and intelligence (Cross, 2008).













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