Sample English Argumentative Essay on Online Dating

Online Dating

I do agree with online dating. This is due to the technological advancements experienced globally today. With the world of cyberspace, there are a number of activities as well as trends that have been developed in the recent years. Moreover, with new sites continually coming up, many people in the world today are spending much of their time on the internet. Among the most popular trends on the internet are the social networks and other sites that are specifically for matchmaking or online dating. This paper seeks to present that online dating has a number of benefits.

In the past years, many of the people were greatly limited to finding dates and the choices of dates were very scarce within some small areas. However, this has totally changed in the recent years with the introduction of internet. Many of the past dates entailed people dating with a number of limits and from the same area. On the other hand, with the emergence of the social networking as well as many other online dating sites, people are significantly able to meet other people, establish relationships, and even form intimacy with someone without physical contact. Even though, there might be cases of deception within these forms of interaction, online dating is not different than meeting someone at a market or grocery store.  Online dating is an excellent place for entirely all age groups in order to meet new people.

Online dating has grown tremendously fast over the last few days and despite being a relatively young industry, it has already become one of the most advantageous kinds of businesses on the internet. Currently, online dating services draw millions of users each day and the industry is leaping millions of dollars every year.  Besides, online dating presents an effective way for many of the people to meet their prospective partners as well as to get to know each other through the use of live chats and emails. There are a number of positive or beneficial aspects that are found in the experience of online dating as compared to the various traditional forms of dating among the people. These advantages include; sense of anonymity, security, and convenience. Long-distance courtships or relationships through the use of telephones as well as letters used to exist and dominate long before the emergency of the internet during the 1990s

However, online dating can have negative aspects as well, For example, the absence of personal contact may be regarded as being a negative aspect of online dating because it ensures secrecy for one’s identity till people gets to understand and know one another better.  Moreover, the emergency of internet, which allows individuals to communicate instantly with each other all around the globe, has significantly transformed the ways that people go about finding their potential mates as well as forming relationships.

The growth and development of internet dating reflect on three major factors including technological change that has made internet dating available and effective, the growing computer literacy that makes individuals increasingly accessible, and demographic change that has produce many people who are searching for romantic partners. Many people now have internet in their homes, thus joining social sites to date.  Similarly, online dating may present negative aspects including the absence of physical presence.