Sample English Creative Paper on Freedom from Slavery

Freedom from Slavery

Hey! Nice to see you again,

The Westerners always come with goodies,

Among other African continents,

Ghana is grateful to associate with Britain,

May God shower the land of the Britons with blessings,

Supplying us with foreign support at no pay.


Indeed we come with goodies,

Meant to help the poor in Africa,

Among other African continents,

We’re glad Ghana is grateful

The British government has your interests at heart,

Though just a portion of what we have for you,

The real goodies are yet to come from me to you.


What do you think of your people’s misery?

No beliefs, no hope, no light,

Yet alive in a swarm of distress and affiliation,

Slave trade helps them solve their despair,

You too will have something to pocket,

Finding the uncovers of caves is opening,

To know more things too hidden to share.


Our people live below poverty line,

What do businesses have for them?

My people need a permanent solution,

It will be of great relevance if you come in and help,

The way of a hole is deep and unpredicted,

Miles of separation in thought, no wisdom,

I can’t trade my people for personal and selfish gains,

It is against the wish of the Ashanti ancestors.


I have a new plan for the Ashanti community,

A good deal indeed,

A deal to engage in herbal trade with your community members,

Trade that will better their lives,

We need herbal medicine in Britain,

I believe we can import them from you, the Ashanti community.


I welcome any idea,

Ideas that can better our community members’ lives,

The main agenda of the ruler is to see her people having opportunities,

There exist a lot of trees and shrubs,

Having medicinal value, though some are underutilized,


It will be great to export them,

Ashanti people transporting them to Britain,

I will come in entirely,

Offering them guidance and residential places when they reach Britain,

Family heads involved their wives in trade,

Economic empowerment and integration is a fundamental basis,

The duration of the stay in Britain may be unpredictable,

Other new initiatives and incentives apply for you.


Methodologies, strategies, communication skills,

All become significant challenges,

The duration of trade matters,

As others will have their family members left back in Ghana,

To the Ashantis, the man is the breadwinner,

The man must stay around to his family,

It’s a good trade,

A good strategy for developing slave trade.


Stuck in dilemma only to realize how to be,

Free life is a chance under trade,

Delight has knocked my door and lashes,

Clinging to the edge of anxiety with pose,

Familiar with family for inheritance,

Children are a blessing,

So I switch my light on

Consider marrying me, and have all property  under my name,

Have slave trade under your control,

God has good plans for his people,

What a coincidence!

I was planning to have four kids.


Grasshoppers have no king, but they move,

In troops they lead to conquering lands,

Of this kind I submit to royalty, I wish, yes,

Whoever finds a good thing secures it.

Family is a basic royalty,

Irrespective of communal differences,

It’s okay  provided you’ll bear me children,

A minimum of four.