Sample English Essay on A Special Place

A Special Place

My bedroom is the place I cherish in the whole world. This is the place where I can be who I am without the peeving eyes and the judging attitude of the world. It is the place where I can unravel my innermost emotions, ambitions, and desires. I easily get away from the outside world and get to significant activities to me. The place largely belongs to me. My bedroom is the only place where nobody is allowed to enter without my permission. It is a place for both reconnection and connection to the most vital relationships. It is the place where I get my inner strength to face the daily challenges of life. This is a place where I rest and find peace this world does not offer (Sinclair 1).

I always look forward to inserting my key to the wooden door that gives way to the room. I open and it lets in a completely different atmosphere from the other rooms in the house. This is usually full of assurance and peace. Wherever I step on the fluffy pink colored- carpet, I get the feeling of reassurance as the carpet caresses my feet. This gives me the recollection of the shoreline at the beach of Miami where the waves filter through the toes of the feet. At the back of the door sits a socket where I plug in my favorite air freshener. The glade releases the sweet apple cinnamon smell to the air. This rejuvenates my spirit whenever I breathe in. Other than the air freshener and the carpet, the colors of the walls stand out. I like a combination of various colors. The immediate left wall has the royal blue. The orange and yellow mixes combine with this color to revive the good but not forgotten memories of happy times (Wayne & Estherb 2).

The bed is the centerpiece. It is mostly covered by a downy bedcover that has a pink skirt. This covers the bed entirely to the floor. There are always five pillows that are covered with matching pillowcases. Wherever I dress my bed in white, I can combine the colors of the pillow to give life to it.  My best color for the beddings is pink. This sensual color is associated with love. My bed sheets are always white and starchy. I make sure I get enough sleep on this bed. I always wake up refreshed and ready for the day’s activities. The window lies on the western side. Every morning I draw the curtains to let in the fresh air. The curtains always match the color of the bed cover. The dressing table lies just across the bed at the left wall that connects to the outer door. My dressing table is quite big. It has enough space for my make up kits and ornaments. At the sides lie the photos of my family members. From my maternal grandmother’s photos to the best of my photos while in kindergarten. This reminds me of where I belong (Wiechert, 44). The wall connects to the bathroom door.

At the extreme left lies my favorite porch where I spend two hours of my morning hours reflecting on the day’s activities and meditating on the Bible. The porch sits besides the small shelf. This porch is slightly isolated from the rest of the furniture. This gives me a peace of mind wherever I sit on it. On that side there are no noises of nature apart from what I may be producing. I get to read a few versus together with the daily guide. This versus lead me all through the day. Thereafter I get to pray and marvel at God’s goodness. By praying, I connect my spiritual being with my maker (Wayne & Esthera 3). I get to listen to His voice as he directs my will to His (Walljasper 3). I also get to read any books and favorite articles on this porch. This helps me reconnect with the present outer world. My bedroom has helped me find my inner strength and daily come out bold. This is because life is full of challenges and bitter situations (Walljasper 1).



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