Sample English Essay on ArcSys



ArcSys is actively looking for investment in a service it has in the market. The service is web-based, aimed at linking employers, companies, and institutions with job seekers. For this service, the company needs an investment of 20, 000 US dollars. This amount will be used for web-design, marketing, and logistics. In return, the investor may choose from multiple options. One option is a refund spread out in a period to be agreed with the company and an appropriate interest rate applied. Another option is an ownership stake in the Company.

Design Background

I am an information technology enthusiast who likes to find technology aided solutions to common business Problems. I love to pursue and invest in these technological solutions. To ensure that I handle the nature of this business better, I have taken crash courses in online marketing. Coupled with comprehensive research, I have managed to accumulate sufficient information about what tools I need, and how to disburse these tools to make the business succeed. While the love for technology was a catalyst towards the direction of choice for the business, other important factors like market base, competition, capital requirements and return on investments were significantly influential in this decision. It is my nature to look at the broader picture.

ArcSys is a technology company that deals in web and mobile based solutions to business problems. The company deals in development and hosting of solutions for Institutions, individuals, and businesses. Operating from Arlington, we currently have 100 clients under our fold, many of whom we offer a variety of services ranging from mobile applications development brokerage and web portal solutions.

Problem Statement

Many fresh graduates and job seekers go through tiresome and time-consuming activity when looking for jobs, placements, and internships on the internet and in other media. Employers on the other hand go through a hectic process of selecting potential employees and interns. The level of activity in the process of job searching and employee searching is high. Information relating to potential employers, interns or employee is strewn in different forums, and corroborating important facts is usually tiresome. An automated system can help reduce the complexity that the manual process comes with.

Project Design

The system that automates the job searching and recruitment process is intended to be efficient and centralized. Information about individuals and businesses seeking for jobs, tenders, and interns will be stored. Information about institutions that have vacant positions will also be stored. Searching will be done by interested parties on the category of companies, job seeker skills, and other necessary information like social construct of job seekers through integration of social media on the job seeker profiles. Job seekers and internship seekers log in to the system, and pay a permanent membership fee of 20 Dollars. Once they have gained membership, they can update their profiles and upload academic documents. Whenever an opportunity comes up in the job category they have chosen, they get notifications to apply. Companies also register accounts with the system. They search for job seekers with skills relevant to the openings they have. They can interview them through the video chat that will be integrated in the system. For every successful job placement, companies will be charged a fee ranging from 10 to 100 dollars. The system is intended to be attractive and very user-friendly to enable users enjoy working with it.

This system is going to improve the experience of members in looking for jobs less stressfully, and employers searching for potential workers with less costs involved in the process. The proprietor of the system projects a steady income flow that is projected to increase gradually as aggressive marketing is conducted. Income will be generated from membership subscriptions and successful placement fees. While we target Arlington and its environs as our initial market zone, the system has the potential to work in the entire State, country, and global since it is web based. This will however require strategic ad targeted marketing to enable it undergo the desired growth.


An aggressive marketing will be done online in institutions of learning, businesses in town, companies, and local factories. Brochures of the website will be distributed to potential employers, learning institutions, and streets to potential job seekers. The campaign duration will depend on the funding. Online marketing will include purchasing Google advertisements packs, search engine optimization, and social media campaigns. Return on investment for the business is expected to start trickling in as soon as the marketing campaign is started.


5,000 US Dollars are going to be used for the construction of an efficient web based system that will handle the business. This will include construction of the web system, purchase of the domain name, and hosting of the system. 10,000 dollars will be used to purchase the necessary software for search engine optimization and online marketing. The plan that is in place for this business, supported by funding is bound to propel the idea to the next level. The company has a portfolio of online investments that potential investors can look into. This will help them have an insight into the destination of their funds.