Sample English Essay on Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement

The choice of characters in any piece of work is essential towards its success in relaying the desired message. It is on the basis of this argument that this artist statement supports the characterization in the American Movie ‘The Avengers’ 2012. The visual argument created based on the movie’s character clearly supports this argument since all the characters are presented in their form in terms of costuming and body structures. The visual argument supports the claim that the choice of characters determines the success of a piece of work through the distinctions presented between characters. This informed the decision to use this particular argument. The components of the argument that are essential in supporting the claim include the characters and the match of characters, costumes, and names underneath each of them. While it may be argued that characters alone do not make a good story, improper characterization can result in the failure of a piece of work regardless of its formation.

In creating this visual argument to create the desired effect, the focus was on the application of various appeals for persuasion. The appeal to ethos was applied through the consideration of the moral implications of the depiction. For instance, through the display of the movie characters, it was possible for the artist to appeal to the audience’s by matching the character pictures with their respective names and their associated signs. Although the appeal to ethos was significant, the strongest appeal was to logos. The display of the image without explanations of the plot and actions in the movie made it persuasive in that an audience is most likely to relate the characters to an interesting motion picture. Because of the various appeals used, the visual argument would be appealing particularly to children who watch hero movies and who are attracted using great colour variations. The diversity of the background colors associated with the visual argument also makes the argument more appealing to the target audience.

Based on the description of the target audience, it is expected that the visual argument create would be displayed and viewed through electronic media, particularly television networks which show the hero movies. This would act as a promotion strategy for the movie. Moreover, in gaming stores, the argument may also form a strong piece for the promotion of the store’s movies, particularly ‘the avengers’. To achieve the desired effect in the argument, various design principles were used. These design aspects were used to create the desired rhetoric effect through critically planning the use of the aspects of design. A combination of the right colors, in the right tones and proper positioning led to the development of the piece that portrays the desired message.

In conclusion, the visual argument presents a very important message that the choice of characters influences the quality of any piece of work. This message is important since it reflects the perception that true heroes are seen in their presentation. The message depicts the consideration of characters as instrumental to the success of the story to be told. The argument, by portraying this essential message has an intensive visual impact on the audience. From viewing it, one can be motivated towards watching the actual movie. The argument is thus thought provoking both through the message it displays and through the application of various design principles to project a rhetoric effect.