Sample English Essay on Causes and Effects of Divorce

Causes and Effects of Divorce

Individuals in the whole world have traditionally chosen to stay together as husband and wife from the past to the present in an arrangement called marriage, where they live as companions to each other. Divorce comes about when some couples fail to keep together their relationship and divorce acts a way to escape from the tribulations between husband and wife. Although many people make careful considerations before entering in to marriage, divorce rates are on the rise nowadays. There are several reasons why divorce rates are increasing day by day. The changing responsibilities of women, stress in the world today, lack of trust between couples, and poor communication, are directly linked to the rise in divorce cases.

Firstly, change in the women’s roles, which has been due to the fact that unlike before, when men were the main bread winners of their families, women are also working nowadays. Women were only involved in taking care of household chores, and they depended on their husbands’ income. It was therefore not easy for the women to split with their husbands due to the prevailing conditions. However, the equality in roles has led to newfound independence by women as they can earn money for themselves and husbands are also taking part in household tasks, including taking care of their children. This state of affairs escalates the occurrences of families splitting up. Secondly, pressures and tensions in modern societies have resulted in raised rates of divorce; globalization has exerted pressure on many people to earn to cover their expenses and those of their families. To secure a well paying job for one to earn enough money, all people aspire to be educated in the best schools and universities. From an early age, people want to attend good schools and universities so that they obtain suitable opportunities to earn sufficient revenue. Some jobs acquired can be very stressing or unsatisfying financially. These pressures can lead to issues like alcohol and drug abuse, loss of jobs and violence; consequently, stress is transferred to the families, leading to divorce. Unemployment has also been on the rise, where some people are not able to secure jobs because of competition in the job market. Some families are therefore not able to cover their expenses, and as a result, divorces occur.

Suspicion resulting to distrust is another cause of divorce. At times, it is usually imagination or fear that a spouse is cheating. It is also difficult to establish trust again after a partner is caught cheating.  This lack of trust commonly rises in women after they have had children; they allege that their husbands no longer find them attractive. Finally, divorce is caused by deficiency of communication between spouses. Owing to the financial status of families, many individuals are somewhat busy. They therefore do not have adequate time to share their problems with their partners, and this results in a probability of divorce. Small problems are also magnified irrationally to big problems when some couples do not discuss and find amicable solutions when they are faced with problems with each other.

There are effects experienced from these causes of divorces articulated above, and these effects are of two types; there those which have a harming effect and those with a beneficial effect. Firstly, harmful effects will have a depressing influence on kids in the families. The children, who are part of the breaking marriages, are directly affected by divorce. Children from these kinds of families where one parent is left to take care of children are prone to being impregnated when still so young, stop going to school, engage in drug abuse, and develop tendencies to behaviors that cause teenage pregnancy problems, drop out of school, abuse drugs and develop destructive behaviors, resulting to societal troubles. Other children run away from their homes after their parent’ separation; they therefore lack good education and consequently lack jobs since they did not attend schools. They resort to doing criminal actions for continued subsistence. Secondly, positive effects can result from divorces. Divorce by consent can help individuals’ improve their lives; this is because they achieve excellent mental state, which enables them to work efficiently. They get to be free from their spouses and will have more time on their hands to do other constructive things. In families where there is violence and abuse, divorce is a good solution since all family members and especially children will have a better chance in mental and physical health. Abuse, which can be in form of physical, mental or sexual, can be very traumatizing in the children or the affected spouse life, therefore divorce would help.

In conclusion, members of the society should value their family relationships since family is an important element in every community. Currently, the change in women roles, pressures of the world today, communication deficiencies in families and distrust between married couples have been the major reasons for the cause of divorces cases. On the other hand, negative and positive consequences have arisen from divorce cases. In the case of spouses who have not had any children, those experiencing violence and abuse in marriage, seeking divorce would have a positive effect. However, where there are children involved, couples should evaluate their decision on divorcing since the lives of innocent children would be negatively affected. Even with people doing proper considerations before they enter in to marriage, divorces are still happening in today’s world.