Sample English Essay on Changing the Oil in Your Car

Changing the Oil in Your Car

The process of changing the oil in your car is an important one because it helps in maintaining your car’s engine. If you make any mistake in this process, then you risk damaging your car engine. For this reason, the instructions provided do not reflect the right process of changing the oil in your car. To do it properly, do the following. First, gather all the necessary tools and materials you might need for the exercise. This includes the plastic container to use in draining the old oil, the new oil, the oil filter, and anything else you might consider necessary for the exercise. Second, park the car on a level surface and run the engine for approximately ten minutes after which you turn off the engine (Torbjornsen, 2010).

Third, after turning off the car’s engine, then set the parking brakes and jack up the car securely as well as support it securely. Fourth, locate the oil filter beneath the engine and open it once you locate it. Then drain the old oil after which you will put the new oil filter and discard the old one safely and legally. Fifth, pour the old oil into the empty plastic container and dispose of it safely and legally as well. Sixth, place the funnel in the engine opening and pour in the new oil, then replace the cap when you finish pouring in the new oil. Seventh, tighten everything on the engine that might be loose. Some of these things include the oil filter and the plug. Then check the oil level and confirm it is the recommended one. Finally, run the car engine for some time and turn it off. After a while, confirm the oil level and ensure it is the recommended one (Torbjornsen, 2010). By so doing, you will have followed the correct procedure of maintaining your car engine.


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