Sample English Essay on Korean Friend

Korean Friend

I am an international student from Korea who is studying in the United States. As an international student, I am often forced by circumstances to communicate in the two languages namely, Korean and English, albeit at different situations. For example, when I am communicating with either my family or friends back at home, I have to rely on my Korean language. The same case applies with my Korean friends in the U.S, as well as Korean professional acquaintances, when we meet informally. This is the only chance that is available to me to communicate in our native language. Besides, the ensuing connection helps to relieve my home-sickness. In this way, I get to preserve my culture through language. On the other hand, when in college, I always communicate in English. This is because our student community is multilingual and as such, English is the only language that all of us can effectively communicate in. The same case applies to when I am communicating with my tutors. I also have to communicate in English when in public places, such as the library, cinemas, or a restaurant. Again, English is the only language that can allow me to communicate with the people from diverse racial backgrounds  that I often come across in these public settings.

There are numerous benefits to be had in being bilingual. In my case, being bilingual affords me access to two cultures. As a result, I can comfortably interact with people from both cultures. This has enabled me to forge friendship with people from both the Korean and English culture. I have also acted as a mediator between people from the two cultures on several occasions, for whom communication in either of the two languages is a challenge. More importantly, the ability to communicate in both Korean and English has enabled me to learn about the diverse traditions, social behaviors, and cultures that define the two cultures. Furthermore, I have managed to compare the similarities and differences in both cultures. Traveling has also not been a major problem for me because I can always switch to English when the need arises. I have also managed to secure a few jobs on account of my being bilingual, especially in Korean restaurants. This is because the management in such establishments in the U.S desire employees who can communicate in the two languages effectively.

Being bilingual also means that I am able to hold conversation with my English friends without the need for interpretation. Besides, I have managed to improve on my multitasking abilities. In addition, I have also noticed an increased ability to prioritize tasks.  This has played a huge role in helping me avoid stressful situations that multilingual students often encounter in a multicultural setting.

Being proficient in a second language has definitely improved my listening and memory skills in comparison with monolingual speakers.  I am better able to recall what has been taught in class. Moreover, it has enabled me to easily recall conversations that I have with my English friends. Besides, I have learnt to appreciate the rich cultural diversity of the U.S and Korean culture because I can identify with both. Consequently, this has won me admiration and respect from friends and acquaintances from other racial backgrounds that I interact with.

My profession acknowledges and harbors great relevance for bilingualism, as this is a vital marketable skill. Not only does being bilingual improve one’s overall wellbeing and productivity of the profession, but it also opens doors for better opportunities in the job market.  Crucially, bilingual professional develop a strong capacity to master schedule, plan and multi-task skills. In addition, they are also able to develop sound cognitive skills. Accordingly, multilingual individuals find it easier to adapt relatively well to new environments. This enables such individuals to develop novel and better professional expectations.

As an individual, I have always harbored the desire to seek a broader horizon in life, both at a personal and professional level. I believe in always doing my utmost best to ensure that I possess the best skills needed to change my life positively. In this case, mastering English as a second language has played a big role in my realizing this objective. Indeed, learning a second language has enabled me to meet new friends, thereby enhancing my social and professional circles. Consequently, I have have benefited from various forms of professional and personal opportunities. I am quite optimistic that speaking a second language has played a crucial role in enhancing my capacity to socialize, especially in the social networks such as LinkIn and Twitter where I get to share views and opinions with individuals in my profession. This would not have been possible if I were monolingual.

I consider myself a more valuable asset on account of being able to communicate in two languages; Korean and English. I am now more informed in the two diverse cultures. My cognitive and listening skills have also improved immensely. In addition, being bilingual has opened many opportunities to enhance my professional and personal life. I have also managed to settle and adapt to life in the U.S with relative ease. This would not have been the case if I were monolingual.