Sample English Essay on Picture Description

Picture Description


These are two-colored photos titled powerful photos. The photos were taken by a photographer outside the house. The photos depict elapse of time and focuses on a man holding a boy in early age and during his old age.

Description and analysis

The first photo was taken during the man and boy’s early ages. It shows a man holding a boy with his left hand. The man carries a stick in his right hand while the boy holds a ball by his left hand on the chest, as they walk outside their house. The man is dressed in a khaki suit with brown shoes while the boy has a brown dangerie with brown shoes, and is carrying a brown ball. The grass is scorched, and there is a new house, trees and a small bush at the background. The sky is not clear due to lighting. There is no dog in the first photo compared to the second picture. In the second photo, the picture was taken during their old age; the man is now aged and stands on the left hand in the photo, supported by a walking stick on his right hand and holds the boy with his left hand while standing. The man holds a white ball between his arms and the ribs with his left hand while on the right hand he has a phone. The brown and black dog clasps at his left thigh and hip as it plays with the ball. The old man wears a black suit with blue shirt and black shoes while the man wears blue jeans with black leather jacket and beige shoes.

In contrast to the first photo, the house at the background looked old and out of shape. Trees have grown, as there are brown leaves and green grass on the ground, and tall trees at their background with no bush behind the house as in the first picture. The centre of focus is the old man. The picture juxtaposes a boy-father relationship during their early age of development and the things they loved most. The feeling of closeness is maintained at older age of their lives. Although the father looks aged while the son has grown to a man, there is still strong love as we the old man is seen holding the boy. The boy’s love for football is still strong and he still loves it. The presence of a dog on the right end of the photo shows the man has grown fond of the dog as his best pest. Thus, this picture depicts realism in everyday life and in the society, as there are close family ties between a father and a son maintained.


In sum, the photo evokes nostalgic and intimate feeling and gives a sense of family ties, between a father and a son. The photo is a portrait; it contains enough amount of visual information. The images are busy and colorful. The photos were shot outside the house as a background, and the sky shows change. There is growth and contrast between the first photo and the second. The photos are classy and depict reality.