Sample English Essay on Solution


I propose installing an air conditioning system to avoid losing residents, keep our usual profit, and cover our expenses during the summer. Installing air conditioners in the West Campus Apartments will take four to five months. Therefore, we need about two semesters to get all the work done. In this case, we need to spend a high amount of money to prepare temporary shelters for residents whose apartments are being worked on. In addition, the process of purchasing the air conditioning units will decrease our budget in the short run, but we will recover in the long run (2-3years).

To accomplish this task, we will need to break it down into three phases. I anticipate the project will be completed over four or five months.

Phase I

  1. Make a budget for the project from Ferris’s financial department.

Culminating from the submission of the project proposal, a budget will be constituted by the university finance committee. Budget estimates for the project will be used as the reference book for making budgetary estimates for the institution.

  1. Make a list of the best air conditioning companies from which we can select units.

Prior selection for the interested companies and suppliers will be selected through expression of interest by interested parties. The following is the list of companies from which air conditioning should be purchased from or consideration for business contract.

  • air conditioning contractors of America(ACCA)
  • polar bear heating and air in Dana point, CA 92624
  • Adrill air conditioning LLC locates in Harlingen, Tx 78550
  • American heating and air conditioning co. in greater Cincinnati
  1. Think of other alternatives in case problems arise.

An Alternative cause of action involves the installation of mega electric fans in the apartment to enhance the cooling system in place in the university. This will be reinforcing the existing systems in use. This is an alternative measure to be undertaken in the event the project does not materialize.

Phase II

  1. Notify the residents of our plan in advance, and prepare temporary shelters for them.

Residents will be notified through a memorandum, which will outline the activities and their due dates. In addition, residences are expected to consult with the housing department to verify their new placement and temporary accommodation apartment and places. They will be allocated new houses to live in during this development period.

  1. Determine the size of each unit, and decide on the spot to install each one.

Each apartment will hold four air conditioners. One unit is approximated to serve a maximum of seventy houses in one apartment. This means that for the two hundred and eighty eight apartments, a total of one thousand air conditioners will be fixed to facilitate the cooling systems. They will be installed between the two complexes apartments. In addition, for the rest of the Ferris State University Apartments installation and placement of the air conditioners is in between the apartment.

  1. Purchase the air conditioning units.

These air conditioners will be purchased from a competitive process where the best suppliers will be given the mandate to execute the delivery. The best pricing company is the one that to be prioritized as an attempt to save some money from bulk buying. This money can be used for other expenses that the university is deemed to meet either in the short run period or in the long run period.

  1. Prepare about 35 to 40 technicians for installation.

The university will engage in a recruitment process for technicians who will see through the installation of the air conditioners. The organization will advertise for job vacancies for forty technicians through its website. Short listing will be carried out for potential candidates who will be followed by their invitation for an interview. The interview will be held to select the best candidates for the job amongst the invited interviewee. The successful candidates will attend an orientation and induction program to familiarize themselves with the expected standard of work.

Phase III

  1. Finally, install the units, beginning with the empty apartments

The installation of the units will start from the West and South Campuses apartments. After the completion of the process for these two apartments, students from two other apartments will be relocated to allow development and installation to take place. The process will continue with installation and replacement taking place consecutively.


Installing air conditioners will not only improve the living conditions of residents, but also raise the status of our university. I propose the commencing of Phase I as soon as possible in order to start installing air conditioning systems in the apartments during this summer. Moreover, the endeavor puts the institution at an advantageous state in the sense that residents feel comfortable during summer, therefore, facilitating their study. The university is deemed to benefit from the investment because the apartments will be on high demand. This means that the firm will make profit by investing in the new initiative. It is also a way of retaining students in school because they will not travel long distances looking for houses that suit their needs.