Sample English Essay on Studying Abroad in the United States

Studying Abroad in the United States

Studying abroad in the U.S is a very significant step in a person’s life. I am a Saudi Arabian, and I opted to take my studies in the United States with the intent of acquiring detailed knowledge under application of high technology facilities in my field of study. In the U.S, I have experienced many good things in my education progress. The system of education is student friendly, and makes use of different methods of knowledge transmission.

Taking my studies in the U.S has given me the opportunity to have a look at the world. When I landed in the U.S, I experienced a new and admirable country with incredible activities and customs. I have attained the opportunity to tour most places of the states and exposed myself to many things including museums, landmarks, and terrains among others. This has helped me to diversify my knowledge.

Learning new culture is among the exposures that I have undergone in the United States. I have enjoyed sharing and experiencing the American culture as I take my studies in the US. This culture encompasses very good traditions and customs. Kim, in his journal American Culture, said that “Culture encompasses religion, food, what we wear, how we wear it, language, and music, what we believe is right and how we behave” (01). Therefore, in the U.S, I have learnt different modes of dressing, adopted new lifestyles, and I have changed in terms of what I belief. This is a very good encounter as far as education is concerned. Most research has portrayed that the American culture has rapidly influenced the world in the sense that the western culture is mainly composed of the American culture. Therefore, I being enriched with this culture I will live within the modern lifestyles.

There is wide coverage in schools concerning language studies. I got the opportunity to study different languages, a benefit that has helped me cope with day to day lifestyles. According to Kim, there is no authorized official language in the United States, most of the world`s languages are spoken (03). Having utilized this opportunity of studying many languages, I can comfortably suit in different cultural gatherings.

Studying in the U.S has also subjected me to creation of life-long friends whom we share many thing as far as life is concerned. In school, I interact with many colleagues from different origins, whom we share lots of information with. I have also met some people from Saudi Arabia studying in the U.S. We have made strong relationships as we compare the situations back at home with the current life in the United States. We have formed a local organization of friends whereby our agenda is to go back home after school to sensitize the people on our experiences in the U.S., majorly about the rights of women. This will be a very great transition that we can ever achieve as friends.

I have gained personal development while I acquire knowledge in the foreign land. Staying in the U.S has accelerated my independent way of life. My curiosity and excitement has been well catered for, as I develop good understanding skills. I have attained survival mechanisms in foreign land; how to quickly adapt to new environment. Problem solving is no more a challenge to me, but a daily activity, which I have gained sufficient techniques and experiences to handle such situations.

My career opportunities have been boosted through enrolling in the American system of education. The American education system has highly proved to be ideal in imparting specialized knowledge in regard to different careers (Ravitch 23). By the end of the course, I could be enriched with a variety of skills, which together with experiences will make me advantageous in the job market. Ravitch describes the transition of the American system of education as “the death and life” (03). This shows how the system has developed in order to cater for the demands of the job market. I have created a broad career market, as I can decide after school to seek for employment in the highly industrialized states of America.

Living in the United States has influenced me to develop many interests in my life. I have been exposed to many different aspects, which I have come to enjoy and developed passion towards them. For example, I have developed interest in the models of cars that are in the U.S market, and I am planning in future to buy one from the U.S.

Learning in America is the best decision that an individual can make in his/her life. A person gets an opportunity to use high technology facilities in acquiring the prescribed knowledge. The education system emphasizes on specialization, which brings efficiency in the job market. Therefore, international students should be encouraged to take the option of studying in the United States of America. Studying in the United states of America exposes an individual to greater thinking, which is important in the technologically developing world.

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