Sample English Essay on The Benefits of Working Together

The Benefits of Working Together
In a simple language, working together entails people coming together to work towards attaining a common goal. The exercise helps people combine their resources for a common cause thereby enhances their output. As a way of appreciating the benefits of working together, many college professors encourage students to form study groups. Thesis: these study groups bring students together, help them support one another and finally enable them to improve their performances.
Joe Johnston’s movie by the name October sky is a simple demonstration of what college professors believe with regard to teamwork. The movie in question has a main character by the name Homer Hickam. This person observes sputnik across the sky, and realizes that his dream is to build rockets. As you would perhaps agree with me, this is a hefty task. Accordingly, Homer’s father and other people around him discourage Homer from pursuing the dream. In spite of all this, Homer has a team of people that helps him pursue the dream. The name of the group is rocket team. Aware of this fact, Homer does not give up on pursuing his dream even if it a challenging one. As the movie proceeds, we learn that Homer together with his team manages to overcome the material and technical dilemmas they face in building rockets. Towards the end of the movie, we also learn that Homer is able to achieve his dream because of working together with his team. The movie is a simple demonstration of the enormous benefits that we can reap because of working together.
In a learning set up, the main benefit of working together is that it inspires students to work hard and keep going on in spite of the challenges they encounter in their learning processes. In addition, working together enables students to face challenging tasks. With reference to our movie, Homer’s father and Mr. Turner strongly oppose the idea of building rockets. However, Miss Riley appears to be always there to nurture Homer’s abilities in engineering. She also appears to be there to encourage Homer to work hard by way of supporting him. At one point, Miss Riley gives Homer a rocket book, but because Mr. Turner is against the idea of building rockets, he turns his fury to Miss Riley. He accuses her of giving Homer false hopes whereas she should be giving education to him. Miss Riley responds by questioning this statement, but does not give up on supporting Homer to achieve his dream. From the movie, we can see Miss Riley protecting and encouraging Homer to continue reading more about rockets. In a nutshell, when Homer faces difficulties and wants to give up, Miss Riley is always there to encourage him. At one point she says, “Homer, you know what? Sometimes you cannot listen to what anybody else says, but you must listen to your innermost voice. She encourages Homer to work hard so that he could not end up working in coalmines. Such encouragements move Homer and make him regain his power of pursuing his dream. Consequently, when town residents taunt Homer, he ignores them and uses his bravery to overcome their taunts. All this is possible because Miss Riley is always there to motivate Homer to work hard and to encourage him pursue his dream. In simple terms, this is part of working together where a person encourages another person to achieve a goal by motivating him/her. We have this type of teamwork in our learning institutions whereby tutors encourage students to work hard. This type of teamwork is good because it obviously encourages students to work hard when they do not feel like working hard.
Another benefit of working together is that it enables people to learn from one another. This benefit acknowledges the fact that people have different potentials and that they can utilize them when they come together and work for common goals. From our movie, Homer knows nothing about rockets at the beginning. However, his team member Quentin has diverse knowledge in physics and chemistry. As a way of appreciating that working together can be beneficial, Homer sits down with Quentin and explains to him his ambition to build rockets. Quentin is mesmerized by this move and the two agrees to work together. As a result, Quentin teaches Homer mathematics and physics step by step. In addition, the two conducts experiments that enhance their skills in rocket building. By so doing, Homer develops the basic skills he requires to build rockets. From a general viewpoint, Homer learns from Quentin while Quentin equally learns from Homer. This is in relation to the fact that Quentin did not know that he could utilize his knowledge in Physics to build rockets. This demonstrates that if people do not work together, they might not utilize their potentials, but if they work together, they can utilize those potentials. Apart from utilizing their potentials, people can enhance their potentials for their own benefits. We learn this from the movie when Homer and Quentin manage to come up with ideas that are not found in books. In particular, the two are able to use different materials to broaden their rocket size and volume of its fuel. This enables the rocket to fly faster and higher.
Another benefit of working together is that it improves communication skills especially for those people with poor communication skills. I learned this through experience when I found myself in an environmental science class last quarter. In that class, our professor decided to include a group presentation. Although this was meant for our own good, I did not like this idea because I had poor communication skills then. In fact, I was intimidated by native English speakers in our class. To make the matter worse, I was in a group full of ladies. The group chose to present a topic on green algae. Besides being in a group full of ladies, this topic was new to me so I could not contribute in the group at the beginning. I remember one time I almost froze when I was asked to make my contribution and I did not have anything to offer. Although I felt humiliated that time, I had the best group because it nurtured my skills in communication. The group members taught me how to conduct researches and present findings. In addition, the group provided me with resourceful videos and materials that I used to improve my communication skills. With the help of those videos and skills, I practiced to communicate effectively in front of other students. At the end of the exercise, I was able to communicate effectively. When presentation time came, our group emerged among the best groups because I communicated efficiently when I had chance to present. My group members were impressed by that and I too was impressed by it. My experience demonstrates that teamwork can improve communication skills.
To sum up, working as a team is a beneficial method that helps people grow and improve their abilities. People do not only develop new ideas and become brave, but they also exchange ideas and improve their communication skills when they work together.