Sample English Essay on The Eye of the World

The Eye of the World


Alienation plays a big role on the characters in the book, Eye of the World. This book is part of the series that was released in 1990 by Robert Jordan. The book is based on fiction. This study compares and contrasts the effects of alienation among the characters. The main characters form and shape the identities of the book’s intended personalities. This study emphasizes that the characters allow the surroundings to shape them.


Most of the characters have allowed their surroundings to shape them. For instance, the village is quiet and defined as boring. This makes the characters to show little life within the surroundings. Moreover, they are barely known. Rand and his friends go on with their lives without much joy. However, the entire surrounding changes when the magician comes. This is because of the interest she has developed in the three main characters. The village is marked with destructions and battles. This brings confusion and causes the characters to run away despite their desire to remain in the village. The daughter of the village headman comes to convince Rand and his friends to remain back, but she is also obliged to go; their lives become that of hide and seek, and they barely come to know of rest. This is because of the spirits and the inhabitants of the places they move to. As Rand and the team hide from the attackers, they come to realize their hidden powers. All of them realize that they are destined for greatness; Rand, for instance, comes to realize that he is the reborn dragon who is to kill and destroy the enemy. This is revealed as this group is escaping from their attackers.

The characters come to realize their inner strength through the journey they assume. This is seen after the attack by the Trollocs (Jordan, 298). Further separation brings out their talents as warriors, especially after they are exposed to Balthamel and Aginor. Perrin realizes that he can communicate with the wolves. Egwene realizes that she is the next Aes Sedai, a magician.


The surrounding defines the lives and the roles each person is to play. This is experienced as women are expected to assume the inferior roles. Men are to assume the bold and active role in every feature. This has made most of the women to believe that they are weak. For instance, Nynaeve believes that she is valueless to the point of assuming her role under guidance of Moiraine. This is however not the case as the magician assumes the greater role of defining the roles of the characters. Nynaeve comes out as strong and brave. She is able to face and fight for the team in as much as she is a woman. This is defined by the fact that they are in warfare.

Lan assumes a negative role when others are charged with greatness. This is due to the situation that surrounded h. He was to ignore the weapon he meets or own it. He is thereby charged with a spirit of lust, even when others are accorded the honor of becoming the future heroes by destroying their enemies. This comes after he steals a weapon, which carries some curse. Nynaeve on the other hand is unwillingly accepting the role of a magician. This is in spite of her being a woman. In as much as the magician insists that she fully takes charge of her role as the future magician, Nynaeve, refutes this position. She goes on to refuse her role, even as others have taken the full charge.

Moraine the magician comes out initially as good. She warns Rand and his team of the impending danger if they refuse to run away; she is seen as the guardian magician. When the attackers come, the Moraine is seen on the forefront protecting the group. However, all these attacks are a result of her creativity. When Moraine comes to the village, she realizes that Rand and his friends are unique. She therefore comes up with this creativity so she can quench her desire. The group unknowingly goes through so much challenge because of her personal quest.

The belief that the trollocs were after the young men develops the story and the future. In as much as Rand is the main enemy being looked after by the trollocs, his counterparts accompany him yet they are not highly significant to the enemies. This belief further develops the future of the characters, as they believe on the special characters accorded to each one of them.


‘Eye of the world’ is the initial book in the series, ‘The Wheel of times,’ a book written by Robert Jordan and released in 1990. The book, ‘Eye of the World’ has deeply alienated its characters. This is due to the situations surrounding them. In as much as most of their surroundings define the characters, some of them accept to be defined by accepting their roles. The main characters thus form and shape the identities of the other characters. From the study, alienation has highlighted the best personality in the characters. This has been shown by the roles they assume, which have further given them defining moments in the lives of the characters.


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