Sample English Essay on The Great Debaters Reflection Paper

The Great Debaters Reflection Paper

“The great debaters” movie is based on a debate team that goes on to win the national championship. I found its plot similar to almost all other sport related movies, following the same concept as they do. For instance it begins with leading up by getting great advisory from the experts and the team eventually becomes the victors. It is a common platform for all movies with competition related story. There is actually none that ends up losing in at the end, and just as expected, the debate team wins at the movie closure. Basing on my views, the movie is just human, and is inspired by the human nature of wanting to top in everything.

At the very beginning of the movie, you can easily tell that there is more than a mere debate. The issue of racism and its elimination is well brought out. The black community is well natured to produce the top debaters, who are also part of the racial equality congress. The debaters, the coach and the entire community believe that education will easily free them from racism and discrimination, which is evident in the movie. The debaters are very determined to go past the current social and educational practices in the community and overtake the whites.

Through the debating sessions, you can tell that the team is focused and single-minded since they need to achieve their target of having a voice in the community. The movie is based on historical social practices and the steps that people had to take to curb them. The increased hideous atrocities done to the black people need to be stopped, and the debaters understand their role in this. It is a great movie, but the plot is rather usual.