Sample English Essay on Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

The term “empowerment of women” implies to the process employed to provide power to women so that they can stand up to the social, economic, cultural, and political challenges they face. In addition, women empowerment ensures that they have control like their male counterparts, and that they can use this power to lead a successful and prosperous life. Through empowerment, women are provided with the basic opportunities, in addition to developing self-sufficiency and skills. Historically, women have been categorized as the weakest gender in society. Nonetheless, at the beginning of the 20th century, a number of socio-political and economic changes were started in the Western World with the aim of empowering women. Consequently, there have been efforts to educate women, provide them with basic opportunities, reduce the level of violence, give them freedom to make choices and decisions that affect their lives, and enjoy the same or equal pay in the workplace.

Modern women in the developed world have been empowered and for this reason, they have equal status as men. However, most of the women in rural areas need to be empowered to ensure economic development. This can be achieved by focusing on empowering women and girls, because it would result in a sustainable change of society. For example, when women have been economically empowered, they become independent in terms of monetary freedom and investments which can benefit the family. In addition, eliminating violence and abuse against women in the family setup also empowers women. Protecting their rights and eliminating some of the discriminatory practices such as property ownership by women and educating women in rural areas, can also ensure that they do not only sustain their families, but also reduce the number of children per family.

When empowering women, a more united approach ought to be followed because women empowerment is a social cause that calls for continuous attention and stewardship from everyone.  Therefore, society is expected to promote women empowerment and support the efforts made by some non- governmental organizations to empower women. Society has the social, moral, and constitutional responsibility to endorse women’s progress by offering them equal opportunities and rights. In spite of these recommendations, we cannot ignore the strides that have been made to empower women.  For example, in most of developed countries, women have been empowered to the extent of become leaders, while others have made their mark in the different fields through commitment and hard work. They are no longer treated as slaves or sex objects but instead, they have become more independent. Moreover, companies currently hire women, and give them leadership and managerial positions, which is as a result of women’s empowerment.

One of the main ways of empowering women is through education. Empowering women through education equips them with adequate skills, knowledge, and self-confidence required for their full participation in socioeconomic development process. Although this effort has been successful in some developed and developing nations, access to affordable education still remains a challenge to most of girls and women in less developed countries (LDCs). As such, governments must employ measures to promote women’s and girls’ potential via skills development, education, and eradication of illiteracy without any form of discrimination. Eliminating poverty and ensuring universal access to health and education can promote equality between men and women, which can enhance developments.

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