Sample English Paper on Beauty Supply

Beauty Supply

Problem Statement

Accounting Solutions Inc is an accounting firm that has 50 employees. Every year, it organizes a dinner party for its employees to motivate the employees making them feeling as part of a family in the company. During this year’s event, it is faced with the challenge of selecting the best restaurant for hosting the event.  The dinner party is aimed at reporting the company’s internal performance as well as recognizing certain employees for their good performance. The selection of restaurant is crucial, since to must maximize enjoyment of the employees. The annual event also must be conducted in reputable restaurant that enhances the reputation of the company.

Overview of Alternatives

There are two probable solutions to the choice of the best hotel and restaurant for hosting this year’s annual dinner.

 Alternative A– Levy Hotel and Restaurant: Levy is a two star restaurant located in the coastal regions of the country.  The restaurant has a reputation for providing ample climate for relaxation and vacations.  It will require the company to book flight tickets for the 50 employees to reach the restaurant.  It also serves diverse foods and beverages to the customers.

Alternative B– Mars Cottages is a restaurant and reputable 4 star hotel located within the city in which the accounting company is located. Mar Cottages also provides boarding and lodging services to the clients. It gained has good reputation due to hosting big politicians in the country. It also serves a wide variety of foods and beverages to the customers.

As a result, the company is expected to select between the two alternatives, A and B in order to hold the annual dinner party for its organization.


 The following five criteria would be helpful in evaluating the feasibility of each alternative.

  1. Costs- How much would the company would spend for the dinner party? In alternative A, a plate of dinner meal costs less than $ 50. On the other hand, alternative B, dinner meal costs more than $ 100.
  2. Presence of a wide variety of foods and beverages. Both alternatives A and B have a wide range of foods and beverages.
  3.  Alternative A, Levy is located in the coastal region that would require the company to spend extra money for transportation costs. While, alternative B is located within the city and no costs would be incurred for transportation.
  4. Popularity and Reputation. Both alternatives have a strong reputation from customers across the country. However, alternative B is more popular due to the regular visits by politicians.
  5. Nature of Relationship with the company. Alternative B has a good relationship with the company as it had hosted past dinner parties of the company. Alternative A has never hosted any dinner party for the company.
Criterion  Alternative A(Levy Hotel and Restaurant) Alternative B (Mars Cottages)
 Costs Lower Higher
Wide variety of  foods and beverages Wide Wide
Distance Longer Shorter
Popularity and reputation Moderate  Higher
Nature of relationship with the company No relationship Strong



I would recommend for choice of alternative B-Mars Cottages for the company to hold its annual dinner party. In spite of the increased costs of meals, alternative B is located within and no transportation costs will be incurred as in the case of alternative. In addition, the company has a good relationship with the restaurant and that makes it easy to negotiate for the services (Divsalar, Vansteenwegen & Cattrysse, 2013). Most importantly, it a 4 star hotel that will make the employees feel important.














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