Sample English Paper on Labor Union

My interaction with the labor union

The history of labor unions dates back to the formative years of the United States in the late 18th century. During that era, workers were forced to work for long hours for a very little pay. They had no say concerning their working conditions, and there was no provision for a resting time. There was no job security, as the employers could hire and terminate a worker whenever they wanted. There was no medical cover for the workers and neither were they compensated for injuries sustained on the just. These injustices on the workers led to the labor movement that sought to have reforms in the workplace. The labor movement led to the formation of unions that were trade and job specific. These unions have persisted to date, and continue advocating for the rights of the employees while making it easier for the employers to negotiate terms of employment with the employees using the leaders of the union. The numbers in the union gives the members courage to air their grievances without fear of losing their jobs.

Labor unions have affected the quality of life I have lived, by making it better. My father used to work at Con Edison and belonged to the Local 1 plumbers union. Thanks to the union, my father received a better pay from his job and that made it possible for him to provide for all our needs. From what I have heard and observed, employees that are not members of a union in the united states usually get lower wages compared to those in the unions, as they have no mechanisms to negotiate for better pay.  In addition to better remuneration, my father was entitled to medical cover that catered for the whole family. The vacations that he took were paid for and the hours he spent at work were lesser, giving him more time to spend with his family. He did not have to worry about his safety or his future survival, as he was entitled to compensation in case of injury and future benefits after retirement. This therefore, made him have peace of mind and contributed to us having a happier family. The satisfaction with his job spilled over to his family causing less tension at the home.

My family has had a long history with the union because both my grandfather and great grandfather used to work for the union too. I have come to recognize just how important the union has been in the improvement of not on my life, but that of the whole nation. I plan to study Business at Quinnipiac College and become a member of Local 1Union. I believe that the improvement made by the union in our community has improved the quality of life for most residents. I intend to perpetuate the good work that the union has been doing through my membership and the skills I will have gained as a result of my studies. Even though a lot of progress has been made in improving the lives and working conditions of the American worker, there is still more that can be done to make it better. The best way to contribute to that would be getting the relevant skills in college. I am committed to that, and that is why I believe I am the best choice for the union scholarship.