Sample English Paper on Media Silence on Youth Unemployment

Media Silence on Youth Unemployment

The issue of unemployment among the youth in society has escalated, rendering majority to stay idle after they graduate.  Unemployment is a situation that has made young people to suffer because it increases poverty rates in society. I choose this subject over the rest to articulate on how firms, such as media can intervene to assist the youth.

This subject is compelling because it enables me to analyze on the causes of unreliable labor markets. I noticed that availability of temporary duties that are allocated to the youths and internships contribute to high rate of unemployment. It is evident that when young people stay for a long time without jobs, it leads to low wages based on a long term basis. Employers prefer older workers with experience to young ones who do not have experience. The procedure of searching for a job among youths becomes even more complicated due to the small social network that they have.

At some point, lack of jobs among young people is caused by parents who support them financially, and make them remain jobless for a long duration. Concerning this subject, employers also expect youths to have high level of education to be competent in the employment sector. This trend of the young people studying for a long period was not evident in the previous generations that never experienced delays to join the workforce. As a result, the urge to meet these credentials by schooling for a long time increases their average age of being employed fulltime hence they miss on such chances.

The issue of unemployment among youths still revolves around education expectation. For instance, young people opt for careers that are not marketable hence it contributes to high rate of unemployment in society. It is also common to find that most youths go for temporary contracts as they wait for long term employment opportunities. These range from seasonal jobs and internships. However, when the firms down sizes, employers terminate them first. As a result, they miss out on the redundancy payments as they did not offer their services for a long time at the company. This impacts to lack of jobs, whereby many are forced to begin the procedure of finding jobs again, which is not easy in the current society.

The other factors I know that contribute to this issue are that employees do not take internship seriously considering that young people gain experience from them. Majority of youth assert that instead of learning about vital skills and knowledge, they are given irrelevant duties to perform that do not relate to their profession. As a result, they end up in unrelated tracks that they embrace to meet their daily needs. A section of youth decides to leave their countries in search of jobs in foreign states. It is also sad to note that majority subject themselves at risk of losing their skills due to remaining jobless for a long duration. This further disconnects them from firms, and the admiration to be in their line of duty in future.

Furthermore, it is hard for such individuals to catch up with the economy once it upgrades due to being disconnected from work for a long time. Another consequence is that it decreases lifetime income, which contributes to a poverty pattern in society. Majority become a burden to parents when the only option is to return to their families. This affects them in their personal life as it reduces their happiness while it increases the gap between the rich and the poor. The worst happens when the youth commit murder because they feel that they are a failure to their family and entire community.

Based on this proposal, the more concepts I would love to learn rely on the following ten questions;

  • How can media intervene to the issue of unemployment among the youth in society?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring that the young people access help in organizations?
  • What is the next step that can be implemented to eradicate this situation?
  • When will employers stop the habit of taking bribes in exchange for job opportunities?
  • Where will young people with qualifications go if firms refuse to recruit them due to lack of experience?
  • Why is the media so reluctant to articulate the rate of unemployment by giving this issue a lot of airtime to assist the youth?
  • What are the long-term effects of this situation?
  • Could this issue be solved in a couple of years to come?
  • In what ways can youth employment benefit the economy?
  • What needs to be done by the society to safeguard the future of young people?

Based on this proposal, answers should come from the websites articles or scholarly journals. All questions are fair enough to be answered, and I would narrow the research topic to unemployment among youth in our hometown. To have a wide scope of research, I will address the issue of youth joblessness in the entire country. The target audiences are employers who need to help them as the matter affects most youth in society. People should care about this issue because employing young people improves the economy and leads to a bright future.