Sample English Paper on Public Schools after the American Dream

Public Schools after the American Dream
I am a public school student willing and ready to learn
Proud to be black but more proud to be a student
I am in the right place to learn and gain knowledge
The knowledge that both black and white seek
To see above and beyond the mountains of the ridge

I only realize it was dream when I wake up to reality
The reality that indeed the American dream is a reality
And so I cry to mama and papa because they listen
I cry because I am willing and ready to join in the battle
I cry because I need a spear and a shield to fight

Teach me how to use drugs as an aspiring doctor
And not wander in the streets like my father
I want to be addicted to books full of knowledge
And not addicted to alcohol to end up in the ditch
I have the will; give me the way so I can reach

I yearn not to watch my neighbor’s television
But to own my own because I have a vision
Give me a way to the reach the peak of the mountain
Where our dream is hidden in the secret fountain
For if my way is lost, our dream is not valid

Help me learn about my responsibility as a student
And avoid teen pregnancy to become a young parent
Lead me right to my very deserving apportion
Where to direct my devotion and not my abortion
Please hold me still and don’t let me fall

Help me stand up for myself as robust as I am
To not be intimidated about my skin color
To not skive off school because of my bullies
But to be free to learn and grow around my buddies
Because that is what defines my dream

All I want is to soar high like the condor and swim like the bream
To help my son and daughter live in the dream I dream
A dream that I dream with my eyes wide open
Open to see the way that my father wants me to follow
The way to the future we all dream of in America

Dear teacher, show me the way to the beautiful castle
And give me the key to find my treasure after the jostle
Where peace, equality, freedom, and prosperity reside
I know the way is not easy, but my tears will have dried
When I reach that beautiful castle, where I will meet my bride

My stomach may be hungry but my brains are hungrier
Thirsting for knowledge that makes me look younger
I may be poor not to afford a private jet home like Tom
But the train my father is paying for will give me a ride home
And sure enough we will both reach our humble abodes

Prepare me to realize my dream within our dream
And while we may not sleep in the same cozy bed
Make me believe that I have the same dream as Ted
And give me the courage to stand strong in the wind
Never to be swayed away the fears in my mind

Give me the opportunity to dream
And don’t wake me up when I scream
Because I will be at the climax of my joy
Telling my kids about my long story
A story about my American Dream