Sample English Paper on Real Women

Real Women

The contribution of real women in families and development schemes of even global interest has been significant. In this regard, real women signify women of integrity that work hard to ensure success both in their families and societies. Real women have progressively ventured in every field thus ensuring that no sector is left behind (Gentry 34-36). Can anyone actually represent real women? The rising divorce statistics coupled with the escalating levels of single parent homes are some instances that many women and men are not real thus the difficulty in getting a noble spouse. This essay discusses the people that can really represent real women through their qualities.

People that can actually represent real women are confident (Peterson and Bekoff 45-47). They are convinced of their capabilities and appreciate who they are as individuals, embracing their femininity and being proud to be women. They are truthful and sincere. They identify the attributes behind secret anticipations. On this note, they are straightforward and reverent concerning setting borders and the success of their relationships. The people that can really represent real women have a healthy grip on their emotions. They understand that it is acceptable to bum about, feel discouraged, or appear lousy, but more significantly they comprehend the means of weathering the storm suitably. In case of any deficit on the psychological front, they identify them and fine-tune accordingly. They are powerful and independent since they are determined, self-driven, and capable of accomplishing great exploits. Their capability of being powerful is based on their knowledge, perception, and aspirations. Moreover, such people are patient because for their own good and those around them, they know the means of playing it cool and in the occurrence of misfortunes, they are capable of tapping the right resources to triumph over any difficulty, rather than just giving up.

The people that can really represent real women have defined purposes (Gentry 37-39). With respect to both personal and professional grounds, they have great objectives and aspirations. They are aware that with a suitable level of inspiration and motivation, everything could be realized and are ready to put efforts to ensure that their dreams turn into a reality. Additionally, such females represent a powerful connection in the chain that embraces the people close to them together. They embrace the numerous roles they play and are actively engaged as mothers, wives, partners, and in their tasks and professions. Such females also treasure real men. They realize and esteem the significance and worth of the real men around them. They understand that for them to be successful they have to acknowledge and embrace the contributions of successful men and women. They do not need to have men in their lives to be triumphant, but if they have them they stand by them. They are convinced of their purpose and who they are, and that could make proceeding in the same course with successful men in their lives much easy.

The people that can really represent real women are humble and hard working. Such real women encompass Jane Goodall and Mae Jemison, who are women scientists. These women did not actively search for the limelight. On the contrary, they reasoned with people, operated together, realized the results, and their commitment and triumph spoke on their behalf (Peterson and Bekoff 48-49). Furthermore, these women were not working with the intention of becoming famous. For instance, Jane Goodall undertook the unspectacular task of studying chimpanzees in a natural setting. The women would just keep on working hard even when others did not appreciate their dedication. Finally, they came to find their toil having incredible significance in the scientific field and their reputation spread across the globe. Nevertheless, these women had embarked on their tasks in search of success and not some kind of recognition and affluence.

Though they were not at all times the mainstream in their endeavors, the women scientists were confident and not fearful of bucking the trend of the era. They were convinced in their cause and struggled for it. For example, in accomplishing her study on chimps, Jane Goodall got up to the academic world in her efforts to learn concerning the primates in a manner that portrayed their human-like qualities (Peterson and Bekoff 44-46). After completing her schooling, Goodall employed the knowledge she had acquired to find means of studying chimps and realizing results that could not be challenged. She never gave up or stride off the course. On the same note, Mae did not allow the fact that she was an African-American bar her from chasing her dream of succeeding as an astronaut and travel in space.

The characteristics of real women could be employed as great starting points when they establish the values and unique aspects that make them succeed. As excellent examples of real women, Jane Goodall and Mae Jemison were convinced that they could succeed and put efforts to triumph over the problems they faced. The women stayed unwavering in their objectives, and finally, years later, their dedication bore fruits.

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