Sample English Paper on Smoking Ban

Smoking Ban


Smoking in general has many effects on human health. Tobacco is the most common abused substance in the community as a whole. Schools, hospitals, work places, and other public areas are the main concern for the public focusing on the ban of smoking due to its effects. Smoking is advancing quickly like a bush fire in the society raising an alarm for the Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, I saw the need to invite a member of the unit and make probable inquiry on smoking.

In many circumstances, we fall as victims of smoking mainly cigarette actively or passive. This is raising concern among the key steak-holders leading to the possible investigation on whether to eradicate the act of smoking or to find a possible amicable solution either short or long term. Advance effects of cigarette smoking in our locality raises questions for everyone on the way forward and need for a report arises. The Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA

Is full of experts in the drug related field we all are focused on the general moral up warping in our society as a key area in the well-being of our people and health care.

Research questions

The main question was where the smokers get the cigarettes. Second, who are the traffickers of the drugs their gender and how can that chain be broken. The effect of smoking on the current generation also arose whom and what is a smoking bans meant to protect in the society. In addition is banning smoking the most appropriate way to minimize cancer cases.


Mr. Gari Tagawa is a member of the anti drug Movement DEA, based in the capital city of Kingston. As a leader, he is equipped with intellectual skills on drug management as he works in an environment that has a large number of people who may be using or intend to use drugs.  I happen to know him because of his popularity in general issues affecting the youth and society as a whole. His focus and work commitment make him an outstanding man among many in the society. When need arises for a possible smoking ban in the society I considered him as the paramount adviser on the way forward and send him an email which he gave a positive feedback that he had accepted to avail himself for the inquiry.

The interview took place in the deputy canceller’s office that had been well arranged and furnished. Mr. Tagawa as one of  the school  parent is quite conversant with the office since he has severally visited  on different occasions with  well structured questions I expected good performance and a final output to be perfect. All was well with everybody happy and anxious for the progress.

Result and disruption

When u want to stop or eradicate a disaster you state by looking for the grass root information and look deadly into it. This was the introductory statement made by Tagawa on the issue of where the smokers get their cigarettes form. He said the city has to be and look for anything unpleasant or strangers’ invention, everyone needs to be his brother’s keeper .on the advance effects of smoking; Tagawe said smoking affects everyone personally or socially. Personally, he argued that the health of the general body is at risk because of the smoke that contains nicotine and tar causing advance lung cancer, respiratory problem, alters the working of the central nerves system, digestive system and sexuality and reproductive system.

On the social effects, he said smokers feel isolated and have higher chances of becoming less unproductive due to the advance effect in the production system. Moreover, many smokers restrict themselves to only taking to their fellow smokers and not other people.

Generally is smoking supposed to be banned the community? This question had both positive and negative views from him first he supported the statement by saying  banning smoking is a good idea because it will reduce  the health hazard of the society while redirection the finances used I the purchase of cigarettes and bang to other productive activities in many families. Implementing of smoking regulations by the city council was also a view of Mr. Tagawa, this may reduce the number of people smoking in public area and also lower the availability of cigarettes and bang as the most abused drugs in the society. When the rules have been bent, a serious fine is supposed to be graded to the culprit. He opposed my suggestion that banning was not the only possible solution by saying all other means will make the drug available with is wrong.


From all the evidence gathered in Tarawa’s views it is clear that smoking have most of the negative health effects in it .if u want to die due to health problems then start smoking. The whole public to enhance a cancer free society and upward development of the city should support eradication of smoking. The existing rules on smoking must be amended to reduce and finally suspend smoking we will all succeed if u helps me to help u quit smoking.