Sample English Paper on The Convicted Single Mother

The Convicted Single Mother

A single mother, so withheld from societal expectation,

Nobody to look up to, just children to fend for,

She might have had the life she dreamt of,

To meet the ideal man, to take care of her and the children,

To look up to him, and have a happy family ever after,

This was a dream not to come true, just an illusion,

Or maybe a drunken stupor, familiar to the real world.


Things took for the different turn, she woke up from her stupor,

The hard life forced her to delude from societal expectation,

Now she has two children, from different fathers,

What should we call her, the best mother? Or the ideal mother?

The societal rules and expectations matter no more to her,

She wimps from one man to another, or may be repeat, on the same one.

But not for too long, she has a load of other to look for

Just to find money for her children, both of different paternity,

The children are her only motivation, to indulge in the act for money,

Society describes it as addiction, but holds little to her,

As long as her children get food and other needs, the source of income matters no more,

She holds the two roles, of father and mother to her two children,

She has known this all her life, since she started seducing men for money,

As a human being, she had other needs to fulfill,

The same source provided for her needs, though she had to prioritize,

With her desire and hard work, nothing seemed to come between her and her children,

They meant a whole world to her, even indulging in prostitution to fend for them,

She hoped this would continue for eternity, till they grew up to fend for themselves,

All these took a different turn, the eternity she dreamt of was a short-lived illusion,

Her priorities changed, all in the name of love,

It seemed she had slipped back into previous dreams, shut from the real world,

She had finally met the ideal man, the one she always hoped for,

She was grateful for discovery, now she felt part of society,

She could once again feel appreciated and loved,

All these she had previously seen unworthy, money was her priority,

Not even being labeled a ‘prostitute’ made her any less,

Now that she met the ideal man, who would take care of her and her children,

She could cool a bit from the ‘hawking’, her children would have regular meals,

And even a father figure to look up to,

They would finally be like other children, like the society expects,

Only that the father was not their real one, at least his figure and presence would be felt,

Nor were they even real sisters or brothers, only the mother to share,

The perfect man was very helpful and caring, only for the first five years,

Reality was slowly sipping in, he had condoned her previous profession,

All that were bygones, but she took advantage of this,

She had less time for him and her family, the man turned awry,

He had to beat her to get her ear, but this was useless,

It was just water under the bridge, he took it upon the children,

Starving them and denying them freedom of movement,

She knew none of this, but the law learnt of it before her,

They quickly came for her, now she is a convict of child neglect,

The man was still free though, but her perspective changed,

He imagines them carrying knives, with blooded hands.