Sample English Research Paper on Biographies


I have always believed that hard work always generates good results. In a similar way, continuous efforts rather than intelligence and strength act as the key for unlocking the potential of every individual. While I was growing up, science has always been among my favorite subjects. My passion for sciences, especially mathematics, biology, chemistry, and engineering has been developing throughout my school life. I increasingly enjoy the challenges presented by the application of mathematical and scientific ideas when solving issues or problems I face daily. Through the various experiences, I have had during my years in school alongside other students in various projects; I have developed diverse skills in problem-solving, time management, and teamwork.

The various skills I gained related to the various problems and challenges we faced along the way when developing the project including coping with the differences of each other for a long period in an effort to meet the project deadlines. Besides being challenging, such experiences were also very rewarding towards my career path. Under such encounters, I gained insights regarding the different types of problems faced by engineers and the ways of solving them, factors that boosted my conviction that engineering was the right career to pursue. The broad choice of career paths plus the opportunities availed in contributing to society via technological innovation is the major attraction for my passion for chemical engineering.

Basically, I yearn to pursue a professional engineering career, particularly as a Chemical Engineer. In this effort, therefore, I have enrolled for a course in Chemical Engineering at Washington State University and this course is in progress. While studying this course, I have gained exceptional technological skills. I believe that on completion of this degree at the University will grant me a clear direction while also serving as the foundation for my engineering career. Indeed, while studying I have realized that chemical engineering has become an increasingly favorite part of my course since I enjoy every bit of it. Having studied biology, I was able to appreciate the roles played by engineers in balancing various fields or industries. Mathematics similarly provided me with an opportunity for applying familiar concepts to unfamiliar situations. I greatly enjoy solving mathematical problems because it provided a platform for developing more skills while also gaining experience. Further, I have also found the area of physical chemistry to be fascinating in my studies since it allows me to assess closely various reactions from the mathematical perspective.

Besides my academic achievements and pursuits, I have been involved in other essential aspects of life. In 2009, I worked during the summer period in the area of charity for people with needs for special care. My interest to participate in this endeavor was because it is innate within me to help people in need. Such experiences have played a fundamental role in helping society while also helping me learn more about elderly people. It was a unique learning experience as I assisted elderly people to write and read. Such compassionate actions demonstrate the other part of me that involves being a productive person, not only for individual benefits but also for society as well. My academic excellence started back from my early school days such that I graduated from high school in 2009 with an excellent honors grade. Such early academic achievements increased my confidence in pursuing even a more challenging career in engineering with the belief that I was capable, especially with my exemplary performances in science subjects. I am still pursuing education at Washington State University to achieve my career goals and I am enthusiastic that I will reach my goal.

Today’s trends have demonstrated that survival in the modern world cannot advance without technology. As an individual in pursuit of a professional course, I have acknowledged this fact and I have advanced myself technologically through an extensive study on computers and their application. I am highly competent in computer skills and currently working towards acquiring Flash and Photoshop programs. Other crucial and important skills that I have gained in the process include exceptional leadership skills in addition to complex problem-solving skills. Such are essential factors in promoting a successful career. Moreover, career excellence is not exclusively dependent on academic achievements but other skills as stipulated above are critical.

Other engagements also have given me experiences in the labor world. In 2008, for example, I worked as a guide in a recreation center known as ARAMCO during the summer session in my home country, Saudi Arabia. The experience gave me a chance to meet many different people from diverse origins. During this period, I was able to learn about different cultures and heritages. Further, it served as a good avenue to learn how people from different backgrounds behave while also developing intercultural communication and interpersonal skills. The experience was also a great advantage and a plus to my career because it molded me in a way that I can pursue my career and work under different cultural backgrounds with ease. Similarly, it was a good opportunity to develop my skills in interacting with different people from diverse cultures while working with my future employer.

I also enjoy participating in other school life aspects. For instance, during my high school days, I participated in a breast cancer project that was aimed at enlightening people more about the disease. In this project, I worked with several other students in my class in developing and presenting this project. This was a very enlightening experience as it provided us with skills in public speaking and increased our confidence since we had to present the project to the various visitors that had visited our school in addition to other high schools and universities. The project involved discussing the various phases and symptoms of cancer while also highlighting the various cancer issues women experience.

At the moment, I have not completed my university degree in Chemical Engineering. However, I have been trying to acquire a registration license with the professional engineers at the ‘American Institute of Chemical Engineers. I am therefore determined to complete my degree and advance my career as a professional engineer, which will constitute an accomplishment of my career goal. Certainly, this means that I have already finalized the decision concerning the career path I intend to take and currently I am studying a course at the university that aligns with the degree programs within many engineering disciplines. So far, my engineering experiences have not only been challenging but also rewarding, and I am very hopeful that my future career will be enjoyable and satisfying.