Sample English Research Paper on Work and Business

Work and Business

The concept of work means different things to different people. Some consider this aspect as an opportunity to enrich other people’s lives, while others consider work as an opportunity to amass wealth and power for themselves. For instance, work can be an opportunity to be compassionate and to embrace cultural diversity. On the other hand, work can be a way of exerting one’s power locally and globally. This paper offers different outlooks of work and business using specific examples.

The article “Lunar property rights” explores the impact of globalization on business. The article explores the space property treaty and its implications on business. It also highlights the reasons why some people consider it necessary to have property rights in space as a way of imposing one’s international presence. Celestial bodies are not supposed to be individual properties according to the existing laws. However, nations use their control of celestial bodies as a way of exerting their political and economical power. This shows how international laws affect the decisions of local companies. It also depicts business as a measure for global power.

Inequality in work opportunities may lead to a poor economy. This is the case in Atlanta. The city is economically stable, but the gap between its poor and rich social classes is quite wide. This is caused by inequalities in job distribution within different areas of the city. Thus, children born in regions without good job opportunities end up poor and uneducated, and this leads to high unemployment rates within those regions. Those born in wealthy regions, on the other hand, have easy access to favorable job opportunities. Thus, work is seen as a measure of one’s social standing in Atlanta.

Mayassa feels that work offers individuals an opportunity to sell their art and culture. Art and culture exposes one’s way of life to a wide market. The market may be local or global. This enhances diversity since individuals are able to understand other people’s culture through their work. Further, it gives nations and individuals a sense of identity, and fosters a feeling of belonging. Through work, individuals are able to maintain their individuality and appreciate other people’s uniqueness. Thus, work plays a significant role in enhancing cultural awareness.

Chade-Meng Tan feels that work is an opportunity to be compassionate. This is a daily choice to treat people at work fairly. Work also enables individual to enrich other people’s lives. Compassion is a measure of happiness due to the satisfaction it gives to the giver and the services it offers to the receiver. This is especially the case if one embraces his or her social responsibility to offer credible services at all times. Work is therefore an opportunity to be good and enrich the lives of other people.

In brief, work can be an opportunity to be compassionate to other people. It can also be a way of selling one’s culture and thus enhancing self-identity. These aspects depict work as a positive concept. The outlook implies that work is an opportunity to enrich the lives of people through one’s services. It also shows that work can be a chance to enhance peace and harmony among different types of people. This outlook matches my expectations of work. However, work can also be an opportunity to exert one’s power and social standing both locally and globally. This depicts a competitive nature where the best candidate wins control over his/her opponents.