Sample Essay on Amino acids benefits in human body

Amino acids benefits in human body

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They are completely natural macronutrients and occur in a wide range of foods. While the human body is capable of manufacturing some amino acids, others must be obtained from food supplements. Even though amino acid supplements are widely associated with athletes, they can benefit anyone. This is because amino acids produce enzymes, which are important for several processes to take place in your body. These processes include but not limited to mood, sleep, concentration and other psychological phenomena. Other amino acids benefits are growth of hair, treatment of arthritis, treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, enhancement of immunity and for improved circulation.

Amino acids benefits and their classification

Amino acids occur in three categories. These are essential, semi-essential, and non-essential amino acids. Let us look at each of these groups in turn. Essential amino acids belong to the first class. They are essential because the body needs them yet it cannot produce them. Thus, we get essential amino acids from the diet of foods that we consume. Nine essential amino acids exist and can be grouped as Leucine, Iso- Leucine, and Valine.

The second class comprises of the non-essential amino acids, which our bodies produce and synthesize. Though they are produced in our bodies, we need non-essential amino acids for various reasons as we are about see. Since our bodies might not produce non-essential amino acids to match the needs, it is important to consume foods or supplements that contain these elements.

The last group is semi-essential amino acids. While the body can produce these amino acids, the supply does not meet the needs of the body under certain conditions. For example, during exercises and illnesses, one needs an external source of semi-essential amino acids. It is important to note that amino acids benefits largely depend on this classification, as you will learn in the next section.

Importance of Amino acids to the body

Amino acids play a major role in our bodies in supporting different processes that occur daily. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a good ration of food that contains various amino acids, which the body requires. You may also need supplements in case you do not find enough of these amino acids from the diet.

The first benefit of amino acids is muscle anabolism, recovery, and prevention of fatigue. Six amino acids undergo metabolism to aid muscle resting. The six include glutamate, isoleucine, asparagine, valine, aspartate, and leucine. They support a range of processes like acting as substrates during protein synthesis. They also serve metabolic functions as energy substrates and source of glutamine and alanine.

The second benefit of amino acids is in controlling excessive weight. Notably, amino acids are not just important for body builders; they also aid weight loss. High intake of amino acids leads to low body weight. This is an excellent way of taming excessive weight gain in human beings. Other amino acids benefits include treatment of diabetes and arthritis.

Amino acids benefits to the immune system

Even though many people are not keen on this, low levels of amino acids impairs the immune system, rendering your body susceptible to a wide range of infections. In particular, Arginine, glutamine and cysteine play a key role in boosting one’s immune through various mechanisms.  For example, they activate lymphocytes, natural killer cells and macrophages. The three enzymes further interfere with cellular reduction and oxidation processes, gene expression and production of lymphocytes. Furthermore, they influence the generation of antibodies, cytokines and several cytotoxic elements. With ongoing research, there is enough evidence to support the fact that certain amino acids can boost the immunity and help reduce mortality rate.

Besides enhancing the immune system, amino acids also treat inflammation and arthritis. For example, amino acid esters and sulphur that contain cycstine and methionine are effective anti-inflammatory agents. Thus, they can find use in mitigating the effects of oedema among patients and reduce anaphylactic shock. It therefore follows that amino acids benefits are widely applicable in the world of medicine, to treat different illnesses or manage several health conditions.

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