Sample Essay on Boxer Rebellion Timeline

Boxer Rebellion Timeline

Boxer rebellion timeline starts from the time the secret Chinese organization known as the Society of the Righteous and Harmonious Fists began an uprising in the Northern China opposing the Japanese and Western influence there. Boxer rebellion was this uprising which took place in China in 1900. The rebels were called Boxers by the Westerners since they engaged in physical exercises that they thought or believed would make them capable of withstanding bullets and kill Chinese Christians and foreigners while destroying foreign properties. The timeline of the Boxer rebellion indicates what happened and when it happened during the uprising.

What led to the existence of the Boxer rebellion timeline?

This timeline would not have existed if there was no rebellion. Therefore, the timeline exists because there was a rebellion. This rebellion was basically an uprising in the non-western region against what they saw as a corrupt influence by the western practices and ideologies. At the time of the uprising, grass root organizations fought against what they considered as war. This war was waged against several foreign powers based on technology in an attempt to preserve values and beliefs.

Comprehensive timeline of the rebellion

From the drought-ravaged part of northern China, which was their base, the Boxers spread to almost all parts of the country. They attacked foreign diplomats, missionaries, traders and Chinese who had been converted to Christians.

1807: A Protestant Christian Missionary lands in China from the London Missionary School for the first time.

1835 to 1836: Daoguang Emperor expels missionaries for Christian books’ distribution.

1839 to 1842: Opium War is fought for the first time and this prompts Britain to impose equal treaty right on China taking over the control of Hong Kong.

1842: All foreigners within China are given extraterritorial rights due to Nanjing treaty. This meant that foreigners would no longer be subjects of the Chinese laws.

1840s: China continues to be flooded with more Christian missionaries from the western countries.

1850-1864: A Christian convert, Hong Xiuquan, leads the Taiping Rebellion against Qing Dynasty. This was a bloody rebellion.

1856-1860: Another Opium War is fought and China is defeated by France and Britain and Tientsin treaties are imposed.

1894-1895: Sino-Japanese War is fought for the first time. The former tributary of Japan defeats China. This follows a takeover of Korea.

1st November 1897: Armed men kill two Germans in Shandong province in Northern China at a missionary home during the Juye Incident.

14th November 1897: German Kaiser Wilhelm II sends fleets to Shandong. He urges the fleets not to take prisoners like the Attila and the Huns.

1878-1898: Drought and floods hit Shandong leading to widespread misery.

1898: Practice of traditional spiritualism and martial arts by a Righteous Fist group of young men in Shandong starts.

11th June -21st September 1898: Emperor Guangxu tries to modernize China with 100 Days Reform.

21st September 1898: Guangxu is about to hand over sovereignty to Japan. However, he is stopped and exiled internally and Empress Dowager Cixi becomes the ruler in his name.

5th June 1900: Railroad line is cut by Boxers at Tianjin isolating Beijing.

13th June 1900: A Boxer appears for the first time in Legation Quarter, Beijing.

15th August 1900: Guangxu and Empress Dowager Cixi return to Beijing and resume government control.

End of the Boxer rebellion timeline

The high point of the Boxer rebellion was in the mid 1900. This was when 140,000 Boxers occupied Beijing. They besieged the British legation which was a harbor for majority of the international community. After the entrenchment, the foreigners were held for 2 months until the siege was broken by a force of multinational military that scattered the boxers. The rebellion was ended by the Boxer Protocol; officially in 1901. China was required to pay reparations amounting to over $330 million.

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