Sample Essay Homework Paper on Sociology

A personal reflection on the assigned reading in the sociological classroom

I felt that I had to read the assigned reading because of the need to understand the various important factors that influence sociology and other social aspects in the society.

It is mostly focused on the reasons why people have different social behaviors with others. The main point that is highlighted is that not only do physical aspects contribute to sociological relations but also the behavioral sense of the aspects.

As such, from the readings I was able to obtain a lot of knowledge associated with the sociological aspects highlighted during the classroom activities. Some of these include the fact that physical and behavioral characteristics may vary but still have similar sociological relations.

Thus, in relation to the class material, we are expected to gain the basis of sociological interactions from some of the readings in unit 3 which include physical, psychological and behavioral characteristics.

The reading is extremely related to the class material in the sense that certain concepts such as the relationship between other areas and sociology are related, applied and illustrated through different reactions of people from what is not considered the norm.

One of the elements from this reading that surprised me most is the fact that people tend to disassociate more from what they are not used to. Initially, I had thought that what is unknown has lesser effects of people’s sociological actions. When compared to the class material this realization changes the way that I think since it appears that clarity contributes to positive social circles more.

Because of these elements, the reading serves as a highly relevant accompaniment for the class material since it clearly explains the basis of sociological relations. It is for this reason that if I was teaching the same class I would have in the same way assigned the reading. It would provide more explanation and elaboration to different reactions and relations.