Sample Essay on 25 year Vision for Balcones Heights in San Antonio

25 year Vision for Balcones Heights in San Antonio

Balcones Heights had been known for its urban beauty in the past. This faded glory is about to be restored by the recent request for proposals to create the metro Balcones Heights through the long range, progressive 25 year vision for the city in San Antonio. This study outlines the visions in five-year increments of the proposal. Balcones Height city lies within Texan in United States, with a population of approximately 2,900 (Bailey, 2). The essay articulates the vision, and the mission of the proposal, guides on the initial project to start with and the reason, elements to include, and the picture of the city in 2040. The main objective of the proposal is to create a metro Balcones Height in San Antonio.

The main mission is to transform the city from the renowned suburb to an urban center. This mission will commence by stretching of the Fredericksburg Road from a historic roadways to a vibrant corridor. This project will probably take one year, which will result to creation of numerous doors for urban and commercial development in that locality. Improvement of transport system on this road will lead to upgrading of the dilapidated structures in the vicinity. The road will connect Gentleman road to Fredericksburg and Crossroads Mall, thereby improving connectivity and commercial activities (Pegasus Planning and Development, 13). Since the city is centered on the development of transportation, the first five years will be focused on the expansion of the system as the basis for urban expansion. With the authority and support from the public transit authority, the transport development will facilitate development of a line that will pass through the center of the Balcones Height.

In this typical suburb, at least 80% of the one-square-mile area is within a commercial space and the rest of the region is residential. The commercial space is in high demand for renovation as there are numerous signs of wear and tear due to neglect (San Antonio Central Balcones Heights, para7). To support the line, the authorities will involve business owners of the Wonderland of the Americas mall on a mixed project. In this mixed project, innovative uptown areas and retail centers will be raised. This mixed project may commence one year after completion of the Fredericksburg Road, and three months after initiation of the transportation project at the heart of the city. This project is expected to result to new appeal of the Fredericksburg Road, which will additionally spur development within the region.

The city is endowed with visionary leaders who are mindful of the future of the city. The mayor has been residing in the region for more than twenty years and hence desires to see new renovations and modifications conducted in the commercial centers (City Council, 3). Through her assistance, the Wonderland mall will be renovated to include 10 newer retail stores. In the next 10 years, through the assistance of the Mayor and other city administrators, there will be a construction of new lofts for upcoming multi-families, which will facilitate increase of the residential areas for new officials and workers to be employed. Moreover, it will add to the 20% of the residential regions in the city. To prevent future problems with the residents, the proposal will go on to build two health care centers. The two health centers are to be build within the Wonderland health center. Wonderland houses two centers in additional to numerous halls. Hence, introduction of another health facility will enhance the performance of the rest of the health facility and assist in reducing the need for more space for residential areas. It is imprudent to build these health centers in new regions as the city’s initial plan was to develop the city as a commercial region. The next 13 years will be spent in new projects such as sports centers and tourism and economic development centers. It is necessary to build these new centers as new projects to increase the popularity of the city and make it an exclusive shopping center within the county.

In the face of new developments, past police and fire fighting personalities and equipment are inefficient. It is therefore necessary that the police administrator, with the help of the mayor recruit more personalities as the project expands these two stations. These expansions will enhance security within the region as the city is mainly occupied by commercial activities and barely residential centers (Bailey, 4). Approximated time for these new developments will be seven months when sports centers among the development of the economic centers will be proceeding. Presence of police reinforcement within the city will offer additional assurance to the visitors who seek to visit the region and enjoy its great hotel services and shopping expeditions.

By 2040, it is expected that the Metro Balcones Height will reflect an urban region with enhanced commercial and residential buildings. In addition to the Howard Johnson Inn, Norris, Conference centers, and Springhill Suites by Marriott, the Wonderland of the Americas Mall will be greatly renovated and improved to include more retail stores, health center, and improved transport system (United States Census Bureau, Para 8). Space will be accordingly used by introducing newer developments such as sports and tourism centers. Above all, improved transport system within the commercial center is an added advantage as the public and tourists will easily access all regions and enjoy viewing the altitude of the city.

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