Sample Essay on A New Venture challenge

A New Venture challenge


In economic world, a cynic is described as a person who knows the price of everything but do not know the value of anything. Therefore, it would so unfortunate if one do not know the value trends in Tourism management.  Trend is defined as the general flow direction towards new ideas that are not yet exhausted (Young, 2017). In the current world one cannot mention trends without having proper thoughts in the field of tourism and hospitality. For instance, there are a number of ideas one can venture and illuminate lights into. This paper will thoroughly exploit the tourism idea of the adventure in tourism business. Additionally, the paper will enumerate what it means by tourism adventure business, the prospects ideas from the idea, the economic and social and the marketing strategies that are applicable to the tourism adventure.


Tourism adventure is the generation of simple ideas from the use of the natural existing resources that are not fully exploited (Baker,2014). That is, it incorporates different variety of activities. The examples of tourism are rock climbing, mountain cycling, surfing among others. From the example cited above it is evident that the idea revolves around naturally existing resources. So, depending with the person interested he or she can exploit tourism adventure and earn from it. However, the idea will be applicable only to business entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks of starting the tourism adventure business. Nonetheless, after getting ready to execute the business the audience is the targeted. For instance, the business idea will thrive mostly for male clients who are between the youth ages. This is because of two main reasons, one the youths are energetic and at the same time, they have the urge to explore places. After knowing the basic of the idea, we proceed to the business plan. It is from the business plan that the business will be successful or not. The business plan for this idea will proceed from the from getting which tourism venture to exploit and the appropriate location for the business. Additionally, it is the plan that will give options of sources of income and also weather to franchise the idea. Finally, the business plan will have the idea of the expected expertise and the qualifications needed, the adventure tourism operations and how to promote tourism adventure business. For instance, in the promotion of the tourism adventure the need to know sources of collaterals and securities.

The opportunities of tourism Venture Idea  

With the world population growing daily, who does not want to be in a good place free from noise, pollution and peaceful environment? The answer is no, for sure nobody will afford to miss be in such a place.  Therefore, these are among many opportunities that exist with this business idea. Additionally, the natural sites attract more tourist in any country than compared to other economic sectors. For example, according to the Daily Nation Newspaper of Kenya indicated that when Kenya improved its tourist services more numbers flown into the country and many of them were highly associated with the climbing of Mount Kenya, surfing in the oceans and good scenes of existing geographical creations (Chen at…al, 2016). “More than before, kite surfing, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, sailing, white water rafting, windsurfing, snorkeling, water skiing, wakeboarding is among the activities that have placed Kenya amongst the top watersports destinations in the world” (Buckley, 2014). This are few words from the tourist who visited Kenya and these words directly hit that a proper venture into the tourism adventure has more opportunities of good package.


On the economic verge, the current world growing population is full of entrepreneurs and investors who want to put their resources into good ideas and the tourism venture is one of those areas that fast growing economically. On the other hand, the movie industry that is also in existence will always pay handsomely for good sites to get their movies selling in fact, all these points to the economic boost that will come to the business idea. Finally, the social pressure of holidays and vacations is not left out. Most of the social class and young families who have part of their income put aside for good time will also see the tourism venture grow.  As they have set aside time and income for family good times.

Business idea marketing strategies.

The good idea cannot and will never bear fruits if the strategies laid are poor. For the adventure tourism, the idea would sell and mature into a great potential if there is proper business location or good siting (Cheng at el..2016). The location should be that which has proper security, qualified expertise for advice and good infrastructure. The security of the place picked on will matter as it serves as the driving force of human life. Moreover, the good expertise would offer highly qualified skills to the customers and the business. And the good infrastructure will definitely give smooth ride to destination, proper housing will also encourage more numbers. Finally, the reasonable cost and reach cultures will tip off the business of adventure tourism (Cheng at el..2016).


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