Sample Essay on Academic Elements

Academic Elements

I am a young lady who has always been serious with her academics. This is partially influenced by my parents who have always advised me to work hard in school. I have grown to admire their efforts and sacrifices to make sure that my brothers and I go to school. Some of the girls from my neighborhood have not been that lucky. To pay back my parents for their endeavors and faith in me, I have never let anything distract me from my school work.

I love done programming and baking courses because they are all designed to help humanity. With time I realized that the programming course had a major effect on me. Programming made me realized that I must come up with a methodology to tackle every challenge that I go through in my life. All challenges must be met head-on and attacked vigorously.  I no longer turn away or stand still when faced with difficult situations in life. To have more advantage and to learn programming in details, I realized that I should do a course that would help me grow and develop in solving problems. Computer science is the best course to help me achieve this. It will not only enable me to solve my problems and those of people in the society, but it would also provide the opportunity to enjoy working on challenging projects.

Personal Elements

In my culture, women have never been given the same treatment as men. There are changes that have come with time but gender equity and equality are still major issues. Women face a lot of prejudices with most of them having little or no hope at all of relief in the near future. Good nutrition, education or hospitalization is considered as luxuries by many girls and women. Many of us are forced into early marriages during our teen years. Some are even sold into slavery and those of us who manage to remain with their families would be treated like baby machines and farmhand when we finally get married. That is why I regard myself as lucky for having well informed parents. They made sure I get education and I intend to proceed further so that I can come back to my community and help my fellow women.

I love music a lot and most of the time when am free, I would be listening to music or playing a musical instrument. Music has always been my companion since my childhood years and this was easy because music is everywhere around me. It was easily available to me through recordings, the radios, new technologies and on radios. This allowed me to hear it in different circumstances and situations. I started appreciating music more and even enrolled for piano classes.

Piano has since then become my device of communication and of appreciating the beauty of music. Piano lessons helped me realized more the benefits of piano music to me as an individual. I feel relieved and relaxed from stress and anxieties whenever I play a piano. I realized that my cognitive development improved a lot when I started my piano lessons. My eye coordination also improved maybe as a result of reading the piano sheets and with time I have realized that I love to work on activities that engage a lot of eye-hand coordination. I have come to love working with machines to make them better or to make people’s lives better.

In weekends I play Piano for our choir for free. I regard this as my talent given to me by the creator and playing for the choir is my way of giving back to the society and saying thank you to my creator. This volunteer activity has also improved my people-skills and I know I find it a lot easier to start and maintain a conversation with friends and strangers.

After an extensive research on the best universities to study computer science, I settled on the University of Washington (“Office of admissions”). I understood that the university offers this course under the faculty of computer science and engineering. The educational experiences that students get from this university, the innovation and problem solving skills gained are unmatched by any other institutions and that is my main reason for applying to join the university. Students are involved activities ranging from research and development, community outreach, intellectual partnerships that are aimed at making them all-rounded graduates when they leave the university.

The University of Washington stands out as the best university for me and joining the college is my dream. I need to discover the American way of life and comprehend the American dream and how I can apply it to change the lives of my people. I believe the university’s culture of promoting hardworking while encouraging innovation is the best I could need from a learning institution. My dream of joining the college remains valid and attainable because I believe in myself, in humanity and in the university’s faculty.

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