Sample Essay on Advantages of Slow Metabolism

Advantages of Slow Metabolism

There are several advantages of slow metabolism. Metabolism refers to a process by which the eaten food is converted into energy. Metabolism of every individual works at a varying speed. Individuals with higher metabolism burn more calories while performing various chemical processes. Many people blame slow metabolism for their dieting failure. However, slow metabolism has its benefits as well.

For instance, people trying to lose weight require their metabolism to be faster. On the other hand, when trying to bulk a slow metabolism is beneficial. Bulking refers to a process of adding the muscle mass in the body and it requires an individual to consume more calories than the body can burn.

If the body is burning fewer calories through metabolism, an individual that is trying to bulk does not have to eat more food to increase their muscle mass. This is because the slow metabolism will help in increasing muscle mass by not burning too much calories.

Slow metabolism is also advantageous when it comes to aging. Energy expenditure and metabolism are greatly influenced by thyroid hormone. Low thyroid hormone levels correlate with slow metabolism. Studies reveal that low levels of the activities of thyroid hormone correlate with slowed aging or increase in life expectancy. This can be attributed to the fact that faster metabolism implies that the body is working harder which increases stress.

In managing weight, one has to lower calories intake when they have slow metabolism. This can be beneficial. However, studies show that restricting calories can slow the process of aging and help in the prevention of diseases such as abdominal obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

To understand the advantages of slow metabolism it is important to know how the body works in relations to metabolic processes. Individuals with fast metabolism need more energy for maintaining metabolic processes. This implies that it is possible to eat more food and not add weight. With a slow metabolism, you need less energy to maintain metabolic processes. Thus, you can easily gain weight by eating little food.

It is important to note that although slow metabolism exists, real slow metabolism is not common and in some cases it cause cases of overweight persons. The truth is that the rate of metabolism is relative to the body composition, size and activity level.

However, a person has more control of metabolism and managing the amount of calories intake. It is also possible to control the rate of metabolism by engaging in activities that helps in burning more calories as well as eating balanced diets.

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