Sample Essay on Advertisement Review

Advertisement Review

Multiple factors influence eating behaviors and choices of food. Television viewing and exposure to food adverts is among the potent forces. This food related review was conducted on a take-away pizza advert. Evaluation was made in its attempts to influence food choices, its target audience, attributes of the product being emphasized, the mechanism used to hold the attention of the viewer, accuracy of the information, what is used to lend credibility to advertiser’s claims, components of the truth that remains undisclosed, and effectiveness of the advertisement.

The advert attempts to influence food choices by emphasizing on the taste of the product and the current trend to eat take-away and deliveries. This advert entices the viewers to get the product after failing to resist going without pizza. The audience being targeted is children, adolescents, and young adults. Children from age four to adults of all ages cannot resist the presence of a yummy pizza. The advert entices the viewers in several ways. First, the adolescent that promotes the product cannot wait to have the first bite. At the end, he seems to smash the remaining pizza on the screen. This makes the viewer feel like licking the screen. The adolescent encourages children to eat something that will make them feel happy. To children, the presence of the product makes them drop every thought of food at home and want to run for a pack of pizza from the shop.

The advert emphasizes eating foods that makes you excited and happy. This feeling is exaggerated further by the adolescent’s reaction after having a taste of the product. He gets up from his seat, starts dancing because the pizza he has eaten tastes good, and energizes him. This makes the viewer feel like grabbing the pizza and joining the boy in the dance. The excitement and happiness in the adolescent’s face after taking the pizza is the main attribute of the product.

The mechanism applied to hold the attention of the viewers is the captivating theme tunes that with the advert. This song makes children and adults alike enjoy watching and recalling the advert. By using a young boy, bright colors, captivating tunes, and funning voices, the advert captures the attention of the viewer and influence their eating habits.

Information displayed in the advert is a fallacy since no one can become happy on eating pizza only. It anything, this fallacy depicts poor eating behavior. The result is increased obesity and other health related complications. It is common knowledge that majority of these fast foods are mainly fat products which are unhealthy to human beings.

Presence of a healthy and active young boy and the swash of the taste of the product lend credibility to the advertiser’s claim. The boy takes a bite and confirms that it is indeed delicious. His dancing style further depicts his happiness and strength that he gains by eating the product.

Several parts of the truth remain undisclosed concerning the product. For instance, the nutritional information has clearly been overlooked as no nutritional content is displayed. Besides, this, exposure to junk food adverts makes it extremely challenging for children and families to make healthy food choices. From research conducted on health complications in the nation, obesity was a major problem among children and adults. This is a great health risk, as obese children are likely to grow into obese adults and develop a type 2 diabetes, cancer, liver, and cardiovascular diseases.

This advert is decidedly effective since I was also enticed to try to eat pizza when am low in spirit. On researching the effects of the product, I realized that eating behaviors of children in the nation have adversely been affected by the advert. This advert on food has negatively influenced current and future eating behaviors of children and adolescents. Research findings further confirm that people tend to prefer fast food restaurants than home meals due to the influence of television adverts.