Sample Essay on Alcohol Abuse/Dependence Websites

Alcohol Abuse/Dependence Websites

Moderation ManagementTM

Moderation management is a multi-international program that aims at sensitizing people on the use of alcohol. It comprises of online forums and face to face interventional processes for people with alcohol addiction. It is popularly known for offering online support and guiding their clients through this behavioral change. The website is of utmost importance to people with alcohol problems due to a number of reasons. First, Moderation Management works in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) researches in order to implement the outlined recommendations. For example, the website is working with the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research for the adaptive alcohol intervention messaging system where the clients will receive texts messages on their phones to remind them the guidelines towards alcohol reduction. The website also segregates people into MM forum and Chat rooms where people share and receive counseling to aid in changing alcohol abuse behavior. It also provides the users with related links such as reports, studies and health sites that enable the users to intervene their behavior. The Moderation Management website has been acknowledged by Oprah Winfrey in her magazine and the New York Times as a helpful toll for alcohol reduction.

National Health and Medical Research Council

The NHMRC website is a provision from the Australian government to the public that acts as risk reduction website. It provides alcohol guidelines popularly known as the health ethics publication. First, it outlines the guidelines of consuming the right amount of alcohol that has no harm to human health. There is a chart defining the standard drinks that a person may consume without health implications. It does not propagate for total abstinence from alcohol, but consuming the right amount of alcohol. Similarly, it has the guidelines to alcohol consumption during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. This is quite important for alcohol addicts who are tempted to drink even when they are pregnant. Lastly, the website compiles all the frequently asked questions in regards to alcohol consumption. It responds to all those questions and they may be of great importance to the user.

Men’s Health Forum

The Men’s Health Forum is an organization based in the United Kingdom popularly known for the Men’s Health magazine. It has the online support for people who cannot access their magazines. Mostly, it deals with men’s health related issues where alcohol consumption is among them. This website is integral to men because it highlights issues without bias or hiding facts. This particular website highlights the most popular questions about alcohol consumption implication to men’s health. It outlines both the short term and the long term risks from excessive drinking. The main importance of this website is that it promotes the best cure for alcohol addiction as engaging in body exercise. The website provides guidelines towards the requisite exercises for reducing calories that are infused by alcohol consumption. Similarly, exercising keeps a person’s mind engaged; hence, they lack time to spend consuming alcohol.

Addiction Science & Clinical Practice

Most of the scholarly articles requires subscription or charges to access and gain information. Conversely, the Addiction Science & Clinical Practice website is absolutely free to access and it contains a number of scientific researched articles. It allows the user to copy, download, analyze without monetary, lawful, or technical barriers. This website contains various researches from different parts of the world that tackle alcohol addiction. It provides the clinical practices that are suitable for treating addiction and unhealthy alcohol consumption behavior. Most alcohol addicts are shy from seeking medical care from the healthcare institutions; hence, this website brings the information to their homes where they can access comfortably. Majority of the websites only gives the effects of excessive alcohol consumption, but they do not outline the symptoms of these effects. Addiction science and clinical practice website has dedicated a study to each of the effects so that the users can understand when they are suffering and the best method to treat them. Therefore, this website provides information that is scientifically proven and approved.


NHS is a website hosted in the United Kingdom and it disseminates information that fosters healthy living for all. It has a page called live well that is dedicated to drinking and alcohol matters. Alcohol consumption is predominantly an addictive behavior that people are not willing to change or abhor completely. It states that people are already aware that excessive consumption has negative implications, but they are reluctant to abandon their drinking behavior. As a result, this website brings together a conversation between the users where victims of alcohol effects share their stories. The contributors have first-hand information about alcohol’s negative effects where others can read and react to it. These stories are meant to make an impact to the current alcohol consumers because they relate to these stories and think about their lives. Most of the stories are touching and they mostly include relatives and close family members. This aids in changing the attitude of the current alcohol consumer towards behavior change.


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