Sample Essay on Battle of Monmouth

Battle of Monmouth

Battle of Monmouth refers to a military conflict the ensued between the Great Britain’s Kingdom and its colonies within North America at the time of the American Revolutionary War. The battle involved thirteen colonies and it was fought on Sunday, 28th June 1778. The battlefield for this conflict was in Monmouth, New Jersey. Although this battle was inconclusive, it ended with a long-term victory of the American colonists.

Background of the battle of Monmouth

This bloody battle had its foundation in the spring of 1778 when France joined the war on the Americans side. In 1778, Philadelphia was captured by the British forces. In the May of 1778, General Sir Henry Clinton, the North American British commander in chief, was ordered to leave Philadelphia in order to concentrate troops at the New York City’s British base. British ordered Clinton to dispatch his units to West Indies and West Florida leaving him with few troops occupying Philadelphia. Additionally, Clinton was required to dispatch Quebec in case he felt like his position was untenable there. Since April 1778, there was a French fleet that had arrived from Toulon under d’Estaing.

The intention of this troop was to make a rendezvous with the rebel forces that threatened the Clinton’s army before reaching safety in New York. Originally, the intension for the withdrawing army was to travel to New York directly through the sea under the escort of Royal Navy. However, Clinton was forced to change plans due to the absence of transport. While heavy equipment, stores and the loyalist civilians of the American origin fleeing the revenge attack were shipped via the sea, the army marched over land through New Jersey.

Immediate cause of the battle

While the British army was advancing, their advance was slowed by the Americans who burnt bridges, muddied wells and built abates across different roads. Gen. George Washington of the American army marched eastward from the Valley Forge with an aim of intercepting the British column that was moving slowly. He intercepted the British Army at Monmouth Courthouse leading to the battle.

How the battle was fought

There was an advanced force comprising of 4,000 troops that attacked the British army cutting it by half. Major General Charles Lee was given the command of the assault by Washington. After halting at the Monmouth Courthouse for 40 hours, the army left leaving a covering force. To strike the retreating enemy vigorously, George Washington ordered Commander Charles Lee to make a rear attack on the British. Lee was surprised by the rear guard of Lord Cornwallis’ arrival. The guard had been ordered to resist the attack by Clinton. On arrival, Washington was indignant and surprised to find his forces retreating in a disorderly manner. He rallied troops immediately and checked the advances of the British. Cornwallis withdrew and fell back undetected that night after which he joined the British army on the safe ground.

This meant that both sides had equal forces and each side claimed victory. However, the claim for the British seems more valid because Clinton managed to complete the march without facing molestation. Washington marched to Hudson River where he joined the Continental Army. Clinton forces on the other hand went to New York.

Effects of the battle of Monmouth

The Americans had 350 casualties while the British had 300 casualties. It is thought that about 100 men died due to heatstroke at the time of this battle. While marching from Philadelphia, the army led by Clinton lost about 550 deserters. 450 of these came from Hessian regiments. The figure is striking. In the few days that followed, Clinton lost almost a battalion, majority of who joined the American regiments. Many civilians were wounded or killed during the war. Due to the heat, horses died including Washington’s horse.

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