Sample Essay on Beauty in the Inside

Beauty in the Inside

From the numerous studies on how personal appearances contribute in our daily livelihood, others would argue that indeed one has to have good looks or certain conventional characteristics to be viewed as handsome or beautiful by society. In this essay, I will put my focus on inner beauty and not the outside beauty. On record, the discrimination of maimed persons, ill individuals or those considered to look less attractive is no longer a priority for the Government though the same has been left out by the governments it does not affect how organizations or schools choose to do that.

With the United States of America expanding its protection rights for its people to include sexual orientations, religious beliefs, and disabled persons. The State has not totally done away with the art of discrimination as it is acceptable in all its states except one. This kind of discrimination continues to hurt people’s esteem and results to phobia’s that would have been avoided if everyone was appreciated and treated equally for their looks and appearances.

Appearance and beauty is a temporary measure in society, in 2005 a cocktail waitress suffers thyroid condition that results to change in her figure, on her contract she is required to retain an ‘hour glass figure. Upon request for another uniform, her employee turns her down her request claiming that she is not expected to increase in size. Judging people according to physical attributes is very temporal

The majority have lost opportunities due to physical judgment without consideration of their performance in their respective fields, a case study of Jennifer Portnick who weighed 240 pounds was denied a franchise by Jazzercise who claimed that Jennifer was not fit enough and toned. Jennifer taught and worked out through the week, and she never had the shortage of students, this is enough proof that she was a performer denied the chance for not looking fit.

Physical judgment has at times led to unemployment. From a study shown by National Association to Advanced Fat Acceptance, the study gives a shocking figure of 62 percent of its female, 42 percent male members who have been denied opportunity to work due to their physical attributes. This is the denial of economic power and a fair chance to have equal employment opportunities.

Looks have assumed a new dimension even in the courts, less attractive offenders face substantial penalties as opposed to those considered attractive. Such a kind of sizes results to selective justice in society due to a temporary mode such as physical attributes. Society must learn to appreciate the inner beauty much more than they prefer physical characteristics.