Sample Essay on Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory can best be described as the existing astrophysical model that explains the earliest development of the universe. Discoveries made in astronomy and physics have proven beyond reasonable doubt that indeed, the universe did have a beginning.

The key reasoning behind the theory is that the universe is ever expanding. Consequently, in the past, it was hotter and denser. The theory explains that at one point all matter in the universe was enclosed in a single point. The moment is placed at an approximate 13.82 billion years ago according to modern measurements.

After the expansion noted initially, the universe then cooled sufficiently thus allowing the subatomic particles formation which included neutrons, electrons and protons. According to the theory, the universe was formed in ‘singularity’. There is no clear explanation on what ‘singularity’ is or where comes from.

However, it has been described as zones that defy current understanding of physics. ‘Singularities’ are said to exist at the center of ‘black holes’. Black holes are defined as areas with gravitational pressure that is intense. This pressure is so intense that finite matter gets squished into infinite density.

To this day, the universe continues to cool and expand and people live inside it. The Big Bang theory describes it as a unique planet in which beautiful creatures live, circling a star clustered with hundreds of other stars that soar through cosmos all of which are inside an expanding universe that started as an infinitesimal singularity that appeared from nowhere and for no known reasons.

Evidence for the Big Bang Theory

There are major evidences that support that the Big Bang theory is indeed true. These are as highlighted below:

  • First, it is known with certainty that the universe has a beginning
  • The galaxies appear to move away from the earth at speeds that are proportional to their distance which is known as ‘Hubble’s Law’ named after Edwin Hubble 1889-1953 who made the discovery about this in 1929.
  • As the theory explains, the universe was very hot initially and there is evidence that can attest to this. Cosmic microwave background radiation has been discovered by scientists to prove that the universe actually did expand.
  • Finally, there is an abundance of ‘light elements’ which include helium and hydrogen which are known to support the theory.

As a theory that speaks about how the universe was created and its origin, the Big Bang theory also has significant bearing on philosophy and religion. It is because of this fact that it is one of the liveliest areas of discussion between religion and science. There are those who argue that the theory implies a creator while others argue that cosmology of the theory makes the idea of a creator superfluous.

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