Sample Essay on Buyer Decision Process

Buyer Decision Process

The consumer decision process is one of the most systematic ways of looking at how buyers make their decisions before purchasing a specific product or service. This can be any product or product categories.

It is also a process that represents stages that buyers go through before making an actual purchase. Research shows that for fast moving consumer products, the buying decision process is often quick or short. The process is also short circuited and involves different stages including

Recognition of a specific need

Recognition of a specific need is the first stage in buyer decision process. This means that a consumer has to clearly recognize a problem that needs to be solved. It is essential to note that without the recognition of a need, the process won’t be effective.

Information search

Once a consumer has recognized a need, the second stage is to recognize a need. This is a very crucial stage bearing in mind that there are different sources of information. A thorough search for information about a product or service has to take place. Buyers also need to get information that enables them to make the right choices and begin to buy a specific product or service.

With the right information, it becomes easy for a consumer to buy a product that truly helps to solve a problem.

Evaluation of alternatives

Evaluation of different alternatives is the third stage in buyer decision process. A buyer at this stage has to decide on the criteria by which each alternative will be assessed. It is a crucial step that enables a buyer to expedite the buying process by settling for the most ideal criterion.

Selecting a product

Once a buyer has settled for a criterion, the next step is to select a service, product or supplier of a specific product or service. It is imperative to note that different teams of buyers or an individual buyer however has to make the final decision on whether to purchase a product or service. More importantly, the buyer chooses the most ideal supplier for the product.

Post purchase evaluation

After the purchase of a product or service, a buyer has to carry out a post purchase evaluation. This is the final stage in buyer decision process even if the consumer has already consumed the product. This stage is important because it helps a consumer to make a decision on whether to purchase the same product in the future or not.

Post evaluation is additionally imperative because if the product doesn’t solve a problem or meet a specific need, the consumer will not waste more money on it. He or she may also provide suggestions on how the product can be improved to satisfy the needs of consumers.

It is equally important to note that at post evaluation stage, a consumer can inform other people or potential buyers on his or her findings. Sharing an experience whether good or bad is crucial because it enables others to make wise and informed decisions on whether to buy a specific product or not. It also helps other buyers to settle for the best suppliers in the market.


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