Sample Essay on Campaign against Gender-Based Physical Violence

Campaign against Gender-Based Physical Violence

Ever since the heydays, women have been forced to suffer from a plethora of misfortunes inclusive of physical and emotional violence, harassment and infringement of their rights. According to a completed research study, domestic violence counts as the leading cause of injury to the American women most of who are between the ages of 15 and 44 years old. In fact, approximately 1.3 million women have suffered from physical violence under the harsh hands of their own intimate partners. However, a vast majority of these women continue to remain in silence as the cases of women buttering continues to escalate to devastating rates. These women are generally distressed, anxious and introverts as they prefer to remain reticent on their own miseries. Gender-based violence primarily stems from the failure of societies and government to recognize the women’s rights. It is with this profound reason that Amnesty International organization got established to identify and assist the women who are or are being violated physically by male individuals who may be their husbands, fathers or even bosses. Women need to be empowered with education so as to alleviate themselves from more physical violence that are committed by their male partners.

Having held an interview session with Jessica Carvalho, I got to learn on the organization’s mission and purpose for its existence. Jessica Carvalho Morris works with Amnesty International as the Executive Director of Conectas Human Rights in Brazil. As an erudite international lawyer, scholar, teacher and consultant, Jessica utilizes her skills to promote and fight for human rights. Having been a victim of physical violence, Jessica clearly identifies herself among the women undergoing any form of violence. It is with this profound reason that she took the courageous step to defend the rights of women. She has worked with Amnesty International for close to 10 years.

First and foremost, Jessica recognizes violence against women as a serious crime against the female gender. According to her, a vast majority of women and girls suffer from different forms of violence which include rape, physical beatings, mutilations which in worst scenarios have resulted to death. She confirms that most of the women facing such challenges are afraid to converse with anyone concerning their miseries and thereby continue to suffer in silence. In fact, these women are more afraid of leaving their hot-tempered partners all in the name of love. However, most of these perpetrators never seize to violate their female partners in spite of any sacrifices made by the woman. Most of these women are in denial of their partners who continue to physically violate them on a frequent basis.

In addition, Jessica explains that a vast majority of the hapless women undergoing through such trauma continue with the same as they are less empowered. Almost 80% of the women who are constantly buttered by their husbands will still remain in the relationship as they fully depend on their husbands. These women lack financial leverage and most of them would remain indoors to serve as housewives. Thus, the husband will always remain in control of everything and the wife would lack a voice to contradict with her husband’s opinions and decisions.

Jessica strongly believes that all women have potential to liberate themselves from any injustices. Daunting as it can be, women are required to tell their pleas to the authority or someone who can offer a helping hand. Buttered women need to take the brave step of stepping away from such toxic relationships so as to alleviate oneself from more physical abuse.

In conclusion, women need to be empowered by being given vital information on how they can liberate themselves from physical violence. In addition, girls need to be taken to school so as to use their gained education in developing their careers. Through this, women would be able to be independent without fully depending on their partner’s income. This would prevent couples from having more arguments as most of the disagreements always revolve around money issues.