Sample Essay on Career and Educational Paper

Career and Educational Paper

When I completed high school, I had a deep desire to become someone influential in the society through impacting essential strategies regarding the economical, management, and developmental aspects. In order to achieve this vast knowledge and ability, I enrolled in the best college within our community where I knew I would get the best facilities similar to some of the richest people I knew. These aspects required inquiry on the best course I would pursue in order to achieve my dream. The college staff members were very helpful in that they took me through the variety of courses offered as well as the opportunities involved in pursuing each course. They also guided me through the strategies involved in each career course. The other important aspect about the college is that it offers orientation tours to each student willing to join them. This tour involves visits to various departments categorized for every career goal as well as course aimed at helping the students to make wise decisions on the career path they wish to pursue. The various departments also offer guidelines on employment opportunities involved in every course. Seemingly, my interest focused on management where I received guidelines on the specialties involved as well as the potential majors related.

Additionally, some of the potential majors related to my aspiration for business management included economics that would enable me to pursue any career. This is based on the fact that a major in economics would allow solving of complex problems through analytical and critical structures. In addition, it would allow skilled inference and observation from data, which in turn would bring about adept presentation of ideas in ways that compel to the audience. Similarly, a major in economics would facilitate application of the principals and theories involved in natural science to the concepts, and logic of mathematics. This would bring in possible occupations of interest through vast skills in the generation and development of ideas, organization of material, and analyzing the results. These would also be coupled with vast knowledge in tackling financial data through tabulation, development of budgets, analyzing the costs or projections, and preparation of financial reports and statements.

The effectiveness of a major in economics would emanate from knowledge and skills in the assessment of needs, definition of problems, and evaluation of goals. This should be coupled with the ability to apply quantitative analysis as well as evaluation of policies to be implemented. The ability to conduct these factors would allow employment in areas, such as consulting firms, research organizations, and private corporations involved in insurance, transportation, healthcare, and banking. Similarly, employment opportunities would emanate from manufacturing firms involved in goods for consumption, as it would allow prediction of future outcomes.

These aspects would allow definition of my career path, as they would bring about skills, such as analysis on numerical data, which is essential in the manipulation and presentation of data. Additionally, it would create opportunities where various problems in the economy would be solved effectively. For instance, in the finance department, it would allow efficient analysis on taxes, actuarial tasks, insurance determination, and accountancy. Collectively, the knowledge and skills in economics as a major would facilitate solving the mysteries presented by life. Therefore, a career in management with a major in economics encompasses my entire desire and defines my career path, which will lead to effective implementation of the basic ideas necessary in the society.