Sample Essay on Career Plan

Career Plan


My name is (….) and I am currently a 3rd-year finance student in college. My journey through life and education has been filled with numerous hurdles and learning experiences, and I wish to share this journey with you. I was born in a small village called Akram in Saudi Arabia. I am the last born in a family of five children; two brothers, and two sisters. My father was a store owner and my mother used to help him at the store. It being a busy store, I was left to the care of my elder sister Fatima.

As a young kid, life at the village was fun and merry. My elder siblings took it upon themselves to dote on me. My brothers would take me playing soccer at the local playground while my sisters would make toys for me and teach me how to perform household chores. I never saw much of my parents, as they were busy providing for us kids as well as my ailing grandparents. The memories I have of my dad before he passed away was of him kneeling in his room saying his prayers and him walking out of the house in the wee hours of the morning. He always got home late, and I could hear his car in the driveway and then one day, the car stopped coming.

After my dad passed away, life as we knew it changed. My elder siblings had to help mother at the shop after school, and since I had no one to take care of me at home, I hang out at the shop too. I started helping out with the finances in the store as I was good at math, and her my love for finance developed. I went to the local high school to support my family, and after my elder siblings had gone away to college and the army, I had to learn all the operations of the business. Upon completing high school, I insisted that I go to college abroad, as my elder brothers had come back home to take over business operations.

College in the US marked a big transition for me, both culturally and socially. I had to learn to manage my life as well as my interactions. The first year was the hardest, as I had no close friends or family to lean on. I, however, managed to make some new friends who have been helping me with the transition to a new culture, and now that I am in the third year, I have grown accustomed to life in the US.


Throughout my life, I have taken a keen interest in how people work, and this has led me to assess my life and development. My greatest strengths include my ease of adapting to change, high work ethic, and my determination and enthusiasm. I also cognize that there are some areas that need improvement, and these include my communication skills and my management of priorities.

My adaptability to change has been informed by my ability to remain effective when experiencing major transitions in my life. After my dad had died, I was able to adapt better than the other family members, partly because I never knew him well and partly because I regarded his death as Allah’s work and as such inevitable and purposeful. I also treated my move to America as an opportunity to learn novel things and acquire requisite skills to better myself. The positivity in which I took the change enabled me to adapt quickly to the new environment than my friends did.

Another of my strengths is my determination and enthusiasm. I had always wanted to study abroad as I believed this would offer me a better chance at life. I also knew that to do so, I had to get good grades. I thus worked hard at my grades despite also having to work at the shop and emerged the best in my region. My motivation in taking action is also exhibited in my decision to study at the local high school so as to work part time in raising funds for my upkeep abroad. I have actively been engaged in my learning, and I believe that this has aided in empowering me and improving my self-direction.

The above strengths are important in any organization, but my high work ethic is what gives me an edge over the rest. Throughout my life, I have set high standards of performance for myself and others and assumed responsibility for the successful attainment of these objectives. I have also assumed responsibility for the negative outcomes of my endeavors, like my unsatisfactory grades in my freshman year. Where I have erred, I have taken remedial action to ensure that I always deliver the best outcomes.

An area that needs improvement is my communication skills. Good communication skills are pivotal to effectiveness and promotability (Carnevale 125). While I have no problem expressing myself in writing, speaking to people tires me. One can say that I am poor socially, as I prefer listening to speaking. When I do speak, I fail to organize clearly and express my ideas in a manner that is coherent.

Lastly, I need to improve how I manage my priorities. In the past, I have been a victim of focusing too much on one task and neglecting others that need my attention. The effect is that I do not have adequate time to do the neglected tasks as effectively as I would want.

Career Objectives

Since my formative years, I have always wanted to be a leader, but feel that it is pivotal that I gain a more profound knowledge of the business world before doing so. I thus wish to do a graduate course in business that will enable me gain more profound knowledge as well as the rules and regulations that govern industries. I am already taking a course in finance and believe that acquiring additional knowledge will be beneficial to me.

Upon finishing my graduate studies, I hope to join a reputable firm and work in its finance department. I already have prior experience working in finance at my father’s shop, and added to the knowledge I have acquired through my studies; I believe that finance is the best fit for me as a start. I aim to continue working in finance while gaining the necessary experience and skills to advance to a managerial level and finally to my next part of my career.

I have always wanted to make something for myself, and as such would like to take up entrepreneurship at some later stage in life. This entrepreneurial spirit came to me during my first year of study in college. An entrepreneur was lecturing to us on how he had founded his business and I could not help but admire how her. She had built something for herself, and in so doing employed so many people and solved problems. I have always been a problem-solver, and I thought to myself, what fun is it to solve problems while making money out of it.

Target Market

Food insecurity is a global challenge that has been increasing over the years. It is caused by numerous factors such as a rising population, falling water tables, and climate change (Brown 1). While these factors are hard to manage and require the concerted efforts of all, some like flattening yields, increasing soil erosion, and slowing irrigation are purely logistical and can be curbed. It is undeniable that the ghost of food insecurity will continue haunting the globe until something is done.

The US is at the forefront in the fight against food insecurity with many governments, non-governmental, and private firms shaking up the food system. The industry requires numerous experts in the field of biotechnology, environmental policy making, agricultural engineering, nutrition, and finance. Financing is required to pay these workers, deal with operational details, purchasing equipment, increasing yield, and getting food where it needs to go (Shindell, Kuylenstierna et al., 185). As such, working for these companies will not only enable me to attain my career goals but also alleviate food insecurity.

Having worked for a while, I then intend to start a company geared to addressing the challenge of diminishing yields especially in the community from which I come. The company will target farmers and elucidate them on how to improve yields while providing material and logistical support for this endeavor. Using knowledge to improve lives has always been my main motivation for learning, and I intend to do so in the agricultural industry.

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