Sample Essay on Causal Reasoning & Opinion Polls

Causal Reasoning & Opinion Polls

Section 1: Causal Reasoning

In example one the causal reasoning is that a separation in the target property will cause the Anglophone Quebecers to leave. In this regard, the causal claim is implemented meaning that an event will occur in case of separation. The grounds of this claim is that the Quebecers are young individuals in college and universities, in case they decide to leave, the target property will not have individuals to reside in meaning that they will be left empty. When a separation takes place, the Quebecers will not be represented meaning that the target population will cease to exist. In example two, the causal reasoning is that the frequency at which the Canadians which are the target population will continue to execute their shopping in the US will depend on timing. The causal argument is that only one in five of the Canadians go for shopping in the US. In this case, the error may occur while identifying the frequency of Canadian shoppers in the US because the gallop polls are not accurate and does not represent difference in shopping habits of these individuals. There is a possibility of using assumptions when making the causal argument because of the inaccuracy of the figures. In example three, the causal argument is that the truckers who are Canadians are protesting because of the policies that the Canadian government have put that places them at a disadvantage with the American truckers. The main argument is that the truck blockades resulted in the shutdowns of the Ontario trucker’s stage meaning that the target property is not at a risk. This is the reason Canadians are highly supportive of the high-way blockades.

Causal reasoning passages

Part 1

The causal argument in Christian Gollayan post is that the self-esteem of men is being destroyed by Tinder which 10 percent of men were found to be using. However, the main argument in this case is that these men are less satisfied with their looks and bodies. This identity crisis was identified because of them taking part in Tinder. It means that Tinder is fully to blame for their problems of self-esteem and poor image view. This is the reason as they continued to use Tinder, the continued to suffer from low self-esteem.

Part 2

The main causal argument that can be made from CBC article is that the reason the students are grades improved was because the lecturers were less engaged with the students. However, the main reason for the improvement seen is attributed by the existence of the power bar in the hotel that allows the students to keep their eyes on their Smartphones which increases their engagement level resulting in improved grades. The main assumption is that the Smartphones keeps the students engaged leading to improved performance.

Part 3: Direct TV Commercial

After watching the TV ads, it is easy to identify causal claims. For instance, in the Direct TV ad, the voice tells a story regarding an individual who had a cable but because of this several bad things ended up happening to him. The cable is the causal claim for the bad things that are happening to the speaker in the video who finds him being tackled in reenacting scenes. He ends up warning the viewers not to possess a cable if they do not want XYZ to occur to them and advising them to purchase DirectTV. The judgment is that the cable has the potential to mess the viewer up such that they may end up not watching some scenes while watching their favorite program.  The error will be purchasing this cable instead of a DirectTV which is more stable and efficient. Another cause here is not having DirectTV which explains why all the bad things are happening to the viewer on the commercial advertisement.  The audiences are, therefore, left to come to a conclusion that when a person does not have a DirectTV, they will have a grandson who has a dog collar which will be the beginning of all the problems.

Section 2: Opinion Poll Evaluation

The general target property of this particular poll is union workers of Windsor Stars. They demand that their loved ones receive educate care and devotion without any further questions. At the same time, they are not willing to bow down to the pressure from shareholders in order to minimize service levels. The target population of this poll is the 525 Windsorites whose opinions are being used to gauge the issue regarding service provision in the Windsor Company.

The measuring instrument that was used to conduct the polls includes public opinions through phone survey which was conducted on 543 Windsorites. However, only 525 opinions was used to gauge the opinion issue whereby according to the result 80 percent demands for more consultation with the citizens together with the facility residents. However, there is several causal reasoning that can be made regarding the particular poll that would make a critical consumer of the news somehow reluctant towards accepting Mark Van der Voot’s claims. For instance, one can argue that the reason the ratepayers are not tolerate is because of there is no appropriate care that the Windsorites are receiving. It means that they feel neglected without well payment and care because of their jobs being outsourced.