Sample Essay on Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay

  1. Title: Internet Influence on Kids
  2. Hook: Did you know: More than seven million kids below 13 years are Facebook users? More than 50 percent of kids by the age of interact with either tablets or smartphones on a regular basis? Yes, these statistics are true as attested to by Clinton and Steyer of CNN in their article on “Is the Internet hurting children?” Recent technologies, especially in ICT, have seen an explosive growth and usage leading to various impact on the lives of kids both at home and school (Clinton & P. Steyer, 2012).
  3. A brief description of the topic: The internet has been one of the most resourceful technology platforms in the current generation, but it has impacted kids in a variety of ways. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become key tools that have reshaped communications not only among adults but also kids. According to Partick (2015), the use of Internet among young people has been on the increase in past two decades such that now over 60 percent of kids aged eight years visit internet sites every day or regularly. In regard to this, the side effects of internet use on children have been a key area of research among scholars in the recent past.
  4. Thesis statement: A) This essay explores the key influences of the internet on Kids.
  5. B) Further, suggestions for future actions are given so as to eliminate the possible negative impacts of internet usage.

Body 1

  1. Topic Sentence: A key element that has been identified with internet use among kids is their cognitive development.
  2. Reason 1: This is a psychological influence whereby regular internet use may become unable to separate between facts and fiction. This is because exposure to hypertext and multi-media content on the internet has been associated with reduced attention span, reduced ability to comprehend issues, limited focus, increased risk for depression, and reduced long-term memory among the kids. There is a possible worrying trend that kids in learning institutions are likely to take the informal communication and information they learn from the internet to formal educational settings. There is a potential challenge of plagiarism concerning homework tasks that are given to these kids so as they keep studying while away from school. Kids are likely to copy answers directly from the internet sources in order to complete their assignments or homework tests hence a negative impact on their education (Patrick, 2015).
  3. Example 1: The psychological impact may not only impact education but may also impact the social behavior of the kids. They may tend to isolate themselves from others especially parents as they dedicate more time to internet activities. But then, there could be the positive part of cognitive development whereby kids are able to

Body 2

  1. Topic Sentence: Use of internet has a potential influence on the kids’ physical health.
  2. Reason 2: However, the impact on physical health can be positive or negative depending on the internet activity they engage in. When kids spend plenty of their time before computers or other devices that offer Internet services, they are likely to snub physical activities that can improve their health. Adopting the lifestyle whereby the kids only sit to surf without exercises makes them vulnerable to health issues such as obesity. Also, Internet use requires closeness to devices that could lead to eye strain. Some of the internet sites may contain strobe lights that may cause seizures to kids who have epilepsy. On the other hand, some researchers have brought forth arguments that internet sites may have interactive features such as games that enhance physical development especially those games they participate in real time (Patrick, 2015).
  3. Example 2: Withal, kids, are not able to know what internet feature are ideal for their physical health development and those that may adversely affect them physically. As such, the internet remains to be a big threat to physiological wellbeing.


  1. Concluding sentence: To sum it up, the internet has serious negative impacts on kids.
  2. Review major points:

Internet use affects the cognitive development of kids whereby their psychological well-being is adversely affected. Kids may be depressed, isolated or lack focus and attention due to increased use of the internet. Then again, the internet may be a physiological hazard as it may lead to negative physical development. Kids tend to spend a lot of time in front of computers and other devices as they browse the internet leading to inadequate health exercises that are beneficial to human health.

  1. Reaffirm position: I believe that the internet may be one of the most important technology resources in the current generation, but they present a serious threat to the physical health and cognitive development of children.
  2. Recommendation or suggestion for future action: However, guardians or parents should regulate or control the use of the internet among their kids. They should enable their kids to access appropriate sites that enable them to develop physiologically and psychologically.


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