Sample Essay on Center for International Education of Adelphi University

Center for International Education of Adelphi University

An overview of the center for international education of Adelphi university’s mission draws a close relationship with its services. The institution’s mission is to produce internationally skilled graduates in academic and social issues to enhance the wellbeing of society. These services include travel information and procedures, social security data, visa guidance, and routine student services (Dyson and Robert 640). In particular, the training of skilled academicians and research done by the center has been one of its greatest achievements in its mission statement.

An analysis of Adelphi University shows that its historical growth is attributed to the increased demand for education by international students (Dyson and Robert 631). In 2010, the university was recognized as the best in the northeastern region of the USA. As a champion in offering qualified personnel in all sectors of the economy, the university is ranked placed in position 152. Currently, the institution offers international programs on various subjects including business and economics.

The marketing efforts of Adelphi University are meant to attract national and international students to its programs and increase its brand awareness. The university carries out market research to evaluate the usefulness of its programs in the market (Kotler 897) Based on study outcomes, the marketing department employs various strategies in its plans. These include brochure publications and program advertisements through online catalogs to reach both the internal and external interest groups. Consequently, the university engages in social media program advertising as a marketing strategy. The integration of marketing in the University’s communication systems has received a positive response from its customers. Through social media and online program placement, the university has been able to attract students across the globe.

Financially, the institution has achieved fluctuations in financial performance in the last decade. Given its non-financial motive in its core objectives, the university enjoys most of its income from the fees charged to students and government grants. According to the academic 2012 financial reports, tuition revenue amounted to 28% of its total revenue. Given the government regulations in the education sector, the university focuses on reducing its operation of costs through the formulation of efficient policies (Dyson and Robert 640). The financial performance of Delphi University has been satisfactory in relation to other universities in the United States. However, its potential for future growth is dependent on how efficiently its management policies will attract international students. Also, this will depend on how best it adopts international marketing strategies to capture students across the globe

Adelphi University Strengths

Delphi University’s success is attributed to its strengths in its core values (Bourg and Edward 66). These include quality international programs, management’s commitment to quality service through research and technology. Also, the university has sound online marketing strategies that reach individuals globally (Dyson and Robert 640).

Weaknesses of Adelphi University

The university’s greatest weaknesses emanate from its program’s regional suitability. The university offers programs that are only applicable to developed economies (Bourg and Edward  66). For instance, its programs in economics and business studies do not suit the developing economies, especially in Asian and African countries.

Opportunities of Adelphi University

The university has untapped markets especially in poor economies whose scholars cannot afford to study abroad (Kotler 667). The university should offer more scholarships in these countries to enhance the popularity of its academic programs. Other opportunities include the introduction of other programs especially in science to attract each market segment (Bourg and Edward  66).

Threats of Adelphi University

The biggest threat to the university is the emergence of other institutions of higher learning offering similar programs and the increased government regulations in the education sector (Bourg and Edward 66). The university also faces threats in addressing the increased piracy of programs due to technological growth.

In conclusion, Delphi provides a center for international studies by offering academic studies to national and international students. Its mission to offer quality education is incorporated into its marketing efforts and strategies. The university has achieved tremendous growth in the education industry due to its marketing strategies. A SWOT analysis of the institution indicates that the opportunities for future growth are related to the way in which it counters competition and regulation threats.

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