Sample Essay on City of Hialeah Florida United States

City of Hialeah, Florida, United States

Geographical description

Geographically, according to data from census the city of Hialeah has been considered to be one of the largest municipalities in Florida as it believed to be serving over 224,000 people that live in approximately twenty square miles zoning. It is elaborated that the city is located at the heart of northwest Dade, and has access to every major street and highways like Palmetto Express-way and Florida Turnpike.

Economically, it has been established that the city borders Opa-Locka, Miami and Miami Lakes that are fundamental in providing direct business access to Miami and Opa-Locka Airports, this ensures that goods and services move freely in and out of the city (City of Hialeah, 2016). It has been established that the city is among the areas that offer employment opportunities to people while boosting the economic developments in Miami Dade County. Variety of mom and pop stores are present and amazingly compete with national and retail stores and chains driving the economy of Hialeah forward (City of Hialeah, 2016). The professional and service industry organizations present in the city have offered myriad of employment opportunities to the people thereby promoting economic growth and development in the region (Bramson, 2008). It is asserted that the city is served by the Miami Tri Metrorail transport stations that are vital in providing transportation services in conjunction with transit buses offered by the city management, this makes it easy for the residing population to move in and out of the city easily.

Politically, it is asserted that the city has a republican representative and operate under a mayor form of government since its foundation; the governing council consisting of seven members and is responsible for the formulation of policies and holds the legislative authority. “The council is vested with the responsibility of passing decrees and passing of budget laws as the mayor carries out the policies and laws of the council to the extent of overseeing the daily operations of the government and appointing the head of departments” (Bramson, 2008).

There is no sign of decay as the city waste management has automated garbage disposal and collection, the waste management department has initiated a progressive waste solutions and the residents have been urged to use their waste disposal carts effectively as soon as they are delivered to them. It is pointed out that the city is a lively, family oriented society noticeable by cultural inheritance and traditions, the community is a unique combination of different people and cultures.

Health Resources

It is opined that the city has myriad health resources that is controlled by the health department and encompasses dental services provided by the University of Florida Hialeah Dental Center (Bramson, 2008). It has been established that it offers services to the vast population of the city and includes services such as diagnostic and preventive care, emergency dentistry, endodontic, implant dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, pediatric dentistry among others. It is important to note that the dental center has two full-time faculty members, several part-time faculty members and over 50 volunteer dentists from the community (Bramson, 2008).

Hialeah Hospital has been in the forefront in providing compassionate care to the community since its inceptions and provides specially designed senior services including a Senior ER and an Acute Care for the Elderly Unit. There are numerous pharmacies that offer the services of drug prescriptions and selling, organizations that offer include Navarro Discount Pharmacy, Dade County Pharmacy Inc., Universal Arts Pharmacy and Latin Pharmacy among others. Due to the rise in cases of obesity, the city initiated a health promotion program of reducing the case of obesity, statistics points out that 46% of school-age children in Hialeah are overweight, and 27% of those are obese. The promotion is buoyed by the mayor and communal patrons who have pronounced that the rates are intolerable and mitigation efforts should be put in place (Bramson, 2011).

On school and occupational services, the University of Florida Health Science Center has provided education and an exemplary knowledge for tomorrow’s physicians, dentists, veterinarians and clinical and research scientists (City of Hialeah, 2016). Majority of the students and specialists have volunteered to offer voluntary health care services to the surrounding community through upholding high standards and professionalism.

Several self help and support groups exist and include Novo Therapeutic for infants and toddlers, Yelena Inguanzo for personal growth among others that have been helpful to the community. “Family and children faith coalition is one of the faith based organizations that provides family nurturing programs and strengthening organizations to serve others better” (City of Hialeah, 2016). They have accomplished their missions through information resource sharing, direct services, workshops and consulting, promotion and supporting community partners.

Citizen safety and protective services

The City of Hialeah has long been considered a full service city because of the services such as security, protection from fire, water and sewer services, and public works that the city provides excellently as they are in high demand. Protection from fire and rescue services is provided by the Hialeah Fire Department and spearheads protection of the community through fire safety, emergency medical services, water rescue, dangerous materials rejoinder, fire and danger risk lessening review and deterrence services, public edification, emergency readiness, and community outreach (City of Hialeah, 2016).

The Hialeah police section enhances the fineness of life through provision of harmless milieu for the populace, defense of wellbeing and possessions while enforcing laws and directives with integrity. It is asserted that victim response establishment provides a shelter system that provides community enablement in respect to encouragement and services for the survivors of gender ferocity to live a harmless and self-directed life (Crucet, 2009).

Services provided by senior citizens

It has been identified that the city offers innumerable recreation and education programs and amenities to residents at low-cost or sometimes free (City of Hialeah, 2016). It is asserted that residents have access to library services provided by the department of education and community services. The city has several adult centers that provide daily lunch programs to senior individuals of the community, adults with development disabilities can also participate in the therapeutic recreation center and day care programs (City of Hialeah, 2016).

The department of parks and recreation controls 15 fully-staffed parks, 7 pools, 2 tennis centers, sport leagues, a cultural arts theater, and an early prevention  and intervention program for youth. In addition, the city offers extensive variety of free social events and programs that appeal to the dissimilar upbringings of its residents, elevating community life in the region (City of Hialeah, 2016).

Community welfare services beyond city

It has been recognized that Hialeah homeless shelters services for the needy is a welfare organization providing shelter and services for the needy within the city and beyond to other surrounding cities (City of Hialeah, 2016). “The welfare services also include transitional resources for the homeless, homeless clinic and treatment center resources and most of the shelters under their watch provide services such as alcohol and drug rehab treatment along with clinics” (Crucet, 2009).

Other welfare programs offered within and beyond the city include community development block grant, residential rehabilitation program, emergency grant program, reconstruction assistance program and technological services (City of Hialeah, 2016).


It has been established from the examination that the health issues that are affecting the region is obesity and dental problems. Statistics available supports the assertion with 46 percent of the children being overweight where 27 percent of those are obese (City of Hialeah, 2016).

On the same note, it has been established that 20 percent of children in the region suffer from dental problems; it is asserted that dental problems may result to a number of chronic diseases, injuries and stress. The high numbers of dental clinics and facilities in the region supports the argument that there is high demand for dental services (City of Hialeah, 2016).


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