Sample Essay on Civilians should be banned from Owning Guns

Civilians should be banned from Owning Guns

Civilians’ access to guns in the modern world remains a pertinent issue that has attracted much debate from different people. Some countries have put restrictions on the handling of firearms by civilians whereas others have not. Civilians should be banned from owning guns because guns in the hands of civilians are used to commit many atrocities, for instance, robbery with violence, murder, homicide, terrorism, carjacking, and many other acts that violate both natural law and civil law. “Firearms are responsible for more than 31000 deaths and an estimated 74 000 nonfatal injuries among the US residents each year” (Siegel, Craig and Charles 2098). This essay critically analyzes the reasons why civilians should not be allowed to own guns and other weapons that pose a risk to lives of others.

The recent shootings that happened in Oregon could have been avoided if civilians were not allowed to own guns. “The gunman in the Oregon mass shooting opened fire and killed nine students and left many others injured” (Tuber 53).  School shootings are on the rise in today’s society as a result of lack of gun control measures, which has made many civilians to access guns. Statistics show that from 2008, there have been fifteen deadly mass killings. 125 people have been killed and many others wounded as a result of civilian access to guns in the USA. The increased access to guns by civilians has led to widespread violence and crime in the US and other countries around the world. Violence has escalated due to the distribution of guns to civilians and laws that stipulate on the handling of guns by civilians. “Guns are responsible for many deaths in America; more than half of those deaths are suicides, for instance, in 2010, six hundred and six people, sixty-two of them children younger than fifteen, died in accidental shootings” (Goldberg 70).

First, many civilians do not store their guns correctly, and this allows children to be exposed to them, thus leading to School shootings, gang violence, drive-by shootings, murder, and thousands of acts of violence committed every day. Civilians criticize the government and those who are concerned with this violence while they continue to sit back and do nothing about it. Guns are lethal instruments, which civilians should not be allowed to own because of their easiness to use, and thus, can just end a life within a second.

Second, most violent crimes like mass shootings are committed by civilians who own guns. The Oregon mass shootings and other shootings that have happened in the recent passed were committed by civilians who own guns. Banning civilians from owning guns will reduce deaths that are caused as a result of robbers because most robberies in the US are committed by people who have guns. Robbery with violence will also reduce if civilians are banned from owning guns.

Third, students who are below the legal age have easy access to guns because civilians who are their parents and guardians have guns. These underage students use the guns to commit violent crimes, which lead to the death of innocent people. Disgruntled students, particularly boys, who carry guns to school, have committed most of the mass shootings that have happened in the US. Guns are sold to anyone who is above the legal age as laws of different countries stipulate, and this makes it hard to control civilian ownership of guns. The illegal purchase of guns by civilians through the black market is out of control in the US, thus, exposing the lives of many people to danger. There is no enough education on the usage and storage of guns to civilians. Therefore, stricter law for gun control that will ban civilians from owning guns will lessen the insecurity of people and prevent unnecessary deaths.

Civilians who own guns put their lives in danger. Statistics show that civilians who own guns are likely to be killed by robbers in self-defense. Robbers and other people who commit violent crimes feel that their victims who have guns pose a great danger to them than their victims who do not own guns.

Lastly, banning guns from civilians will reduce the number of homicides and suicides, which have become rampant in the US. “The United States has a much higher homicide rate than any other highly developed country as a result of the civilian gun ownership” (Verbruggen 34). Many people have killed members of their families using the licensed guns that they have at home. Banning civilians from owning guns will reduce the deaths as a result of suicides and homicides that have become widespread in many states in the US.

Civilians should be permitted to handle guns without many restrictions because they are useful and can help to prevent unnecessary deaths. Owning a gun is a method of protection from criminals people encounter in their lives. Many have argued that guns help to deter people from committing a crime, and thus, help to reduce crime and violence. Studies and polls have proved that gun control does not reduce violent crime and in some cases, it can lead to an increase in crime. Banning civilians from owning guns is also a violation of the United States Constitution. Although guns have disadvantages, they also have advantages that civilians use to take it as a right to own and handle guns.

Civilians should be allowed to protect themselves against the danger that is caused by bad people who own guns. Due to the ownership of guns by civilians, recent reports have shown that burglaries have reduced considerably. The matter of civilians owning guns depends on who has the gun because guns do not kill people, but people kill others using guns. The laws of the US give the citizens the right to own and bear firearms, and thus banning civilians from owning guns will be a violation of their basic rights. Criminals easily access guns in the black market and thus banning gun control will only remove guns from law abiding citizens and leave criminals with guns.

Civilians should be banned from owning guns in the contemporary society due to their negative impacts in the hands of bad people. Guns pose a great danger to innocent people in the world, and thus, laws should be drafted that ban people from owning guns with the exception of law enforcers. Even though guns in the hands of civilians seem necessary, the negative values of guns outweigh their positive values. A society that does not allow its people to own guns except law enforcement officers will have a guarantee of safety because there will be no fear of gun unnecessary shootings.


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