Sample Essay on Code of Ethical Conduct: Cheesecake Factory

Code of Ethical Conduct: Cheesecake Factory

Code of conduct

Many organizations have code of conduct that drives them towards their goals and objectives. The cheesecake organization run under well-defined ethical codes and good behavior that ensures the company is in line with the expectations. Cheesecake restaurant policies and procedures help the management maintain the flow of work and good employee relation and ensure all employees work in harmony to succeed. Cheesecake has a variety of ethical rules, but the list below explains the significant code of conduct of the factory.

Conflicts of objectives

            The cheesecake organization observes the code of conflicts of interest that states that, no managers and leaders should involve themselves with transactions or external affairs that conflict with the organization goals and interests. Cooperate managers should apply integrity in their dealings in the company to avoid tempering with employee engagement and decision making process. This code of ethical conduct plays a key role in ensuring leaders concentrate on organizational goals. The code expects leaders to portray qualities such as loyalty, integrity, and competence to avoid making wrong decisions, especially concerning money matters. In addition, cheesecake factory prohibits its employees to acts as spy to other firms and selling their information to its competitors.

Non-Discredit Issues

            The non-raid code of ethical issues prohibits former and current employees from discrediting the company and defaming the organization. Cheesecake factors have strict policies and procedures to ensure the organizational activities do not interfere with the reputation of the company, this practice help protect the employee’s behavior and company routine to discourage investors and other stakeholders. In addition, non-discredit code of behavior does not allow previous members of the organization or staff to dishonor the organization assets, reputation, or future growth. The practice also prohibits former employees from trying to recruit the current workforce until two years after termination. This helps the cheesecake factory to protect its name and confidential information (McBarnet, et al, 2007).

Enforcement of Code of Conduct

There are numerous steps that most business oriented organization such as cheesecake factory should take to ensure employees adhere to the set rules and procedures. First, cheesecake factory should set aside a department that handles all employees’ conflicts and solve them accordingly. Dealing with employee’s problems will help the employees fear the consequences of making mistakes and this will lead to all employees adhering to the set code of conduct (Visser, et al. 2007). In addition, settling employee’s disputes will improve employee engagement creating peace and harmony between the workforce and the management. Second, another step that cheese factor should implement to ensure employees observe the conditions of the company are to have all employees sign behavior form during recruitment period. “The employee should remain with one copy and personnel manager remain with the original copy” (Visser, et al. 2007. This practice helps the management to have a close relationship with all employees and easing control.

Engaging In Socially Responsive Activities

            The cheesecake restaurant can participate in community practices in many ways. First, the cheesecake factory should donate food and other basic needs to food banks and charity groups in the area around their operations. Most restaurant companies have more food that go to waste on daily basis. The organization can assist the hungry and the poor with basic needs (May, Cheney & Roper, 2007). Furthermore, the organization can engage in activities that help the community through CSR. The recommended ways of involving in community services include, contributing to community development, environmental education and charitable work (May, Cheney & Roper, 2007). Finally, cheesecake organization can participate in community activities by celebrating with orphans and widows on special occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving Day.




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