Sample Essay on Communication, Conflict & Resolution

Communication, Conflict, and Resolution

Communication takes place all the time making it an important object that can be used to achieve positive things. There is, therefore, a need for communication to be conducted in a clear and proper manner. There are different types of communication styles including interpersonal, non-verbal, mass, verbal, and intrapersonal communication. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of communication to create conflict. This is evident through some characteristics such as the lack of eye contact, facial expressions, and fidgeting. All these can lead to miscommunication and misconceptions. For instance, fidgeting can be confused with someone liking the other one, while the lack of proper eye contact can be likened to fear.

In order to communicate effectively, it is important to monitor the ways in which you think and control your attitudes. In this regard, you can become mindful of assumptions, avoid making conclusions based on values and beliefs, control your communication styles, make inquiries, and acknowledge the cases of ignorance. The ways in which people communicate has been found to have a strong connection with culture, gender, and the country of origin among many other factors.  It is, therefore, important to acknowledge the distinction in communication between people. This is because there is a possibility that the difference may result in communication conflicts.

Conflict resolution can take place in various ways. For instance, a peson should not limit themselves because of their ethical background or color. Taking a chance and speaking out or looking for opportunities will enable one to overcome such limits. At the same time, one can take advantage of their history minus any shame. The other methods include the awareness of privileges, individualism, capitalism, ans being aware of oppression, resistance, and ethnocentrism among many other factors. To sum up, the main goals of resolving a particular conflict are not to achieve defeat or victory but a way of letting go the things limiting you.