Sample Essay on Communication in Relationships

Communication in Relationships

No one was born in a relationship: people create relationships. Relationships thrive through communication and trust. Communication is essential in relationships, as it expresses concern and support for one another. Many people opt to communicate to particular people concerning difficult or uncomfortable topics. I prefer to talk to my mother about my problems than my father, but this does not mean that I hate my father.

Whenever I want to talk about something personal, the most likely person to communicate with is my mother. My mother understands me, and her advice is always correct. My relationship with my mother is quite strong, and she can detect I have a problem even before I talk about it. I have no problem expressing anything to her because she will always give an answer.

The last person to communicate with whenever I fall into a problem is my father. Although he pays for my school fees and caters to other family needs, my father never talks about anything positive about me. He always point out mistakes, even before I could explain what has happened. He does not want to see me with friends of the opposite gender, although I am above eighteen years of age.

I have grown closer to my mother because I receive almost everything from her. This notion made me think that my mother is kinder to me than my father is. When fathers are absent from their children’s lives most of the time, children tend to adopt the behavior of their mother, as she is the one they interact with most of the time (Pattnaik, 2013, p.36). Fathers have an enormous impact on their children’s sense of worth, but being far from us made our relationship with him sour. When I want something from my father, he directs me to my mother. Fathers should cultivate good relationships with their children through communicating regularly and being closer to them.


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